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eIntelli is suits of online solutions developed for the "emerging" business built using Rich Internet Application technologies such as Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR and Microsoft Silverlight eIntelli products are designed to be simple, intelligent and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is eIntelli and how does it help me make business proposals?

eIntelli is a suite of online applications that are designed to help your business grow. Think of us as your virtual Sales/Marketing/IT team. Our flagship product, eProposal, allows you to quickly and easily create business proposals online.


How does eProposal help my business?

Allow us to put it simply with these 4 main benefits (in no particular order)
Saves time - Template common themes or proposal types to repurpose
Increases Sales Conversion - A targeted, professional, online proposal stands out from the competition
Provides Business Intelligence - Know what time and how long prospects spent on your proposal including their immediate feedback! Also, you can receive sales updates on proposals in your pipeline.
Increases Average Order Revenue - Increase perceived value of your service and utilize our innovative up-sell modules to increase order value!


How can I sign up for eProposal?

Visit and click on Free Signup. While you’re there be sure to view our quick videos on how to utilize our industry recognized top features and software strategies.


What are the next great applications to be released by eIntelli?

Our eIntelli think tank made up of developers, designers, and business experts has been hard at work developing 2 new applications for eIntelli’s growing member base.

Coming very soon: eSurvey – An easy to use survey tool. It is big on data presentation, not on complexities. eStudio – Turn your eCommerce site to a Web 2.0 expierience! eStudio allows users on your site to easily customize their own products. Current partners are using it for custom t-shirts, bumper stickers, stationery, underwear, you name it!
Click here to learn more on these great applications.

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