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Why You Need Proposal Software

Almost every small business owner is looking for a helping hand. In this economy, it makes the need for assistance even greater. Some take help from the friends and family who pitch in a little here and there. Others take assistance financially from banks and other financial sources. Good thing for small business owners, there is a proposal software package from eIntelli that will help the business grow without any heavy financial burdens.


Business proposals are the bloodline that feeds a business. Without them there is no business. Most small business owners are not seasoned writers, this is obvious, that is why small business owners like yourself need to use eIntelli's proposal software. It makes the writing process easier, faster, and it is guaranteed to garner a higher percentage of Request for Proposal (RFP) conversion rate. A higher rate means more clients, more clients means more money.


eIntelli is simple, you use the provided proposal software, follow the quick and easy steps, customize the proposal to give it a look that defines the company, and send it on its way. eIntelli's proposal software makes life that much easier. Let's face it, this economy has not been easy on the little guys and eIntelli knows this. That is why they are working hard to provide quality proposal software that will help your business grow exponentially. Don't wait, start using eIntelli today!