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With eIntelli, proposal management is made easy

Clutter and confusion are what most small businesses are built upon. The first few years after inception can be overwhelming. The owner is forced to do too many things at once, causing the business to become disorganized. This lack of organization can cause the business time and money. Usually lost somewhere in the middle of the mess is the very thing needed to help the business thrive. A simple healthy proposal management system.


Business proposal management is a very important factor in running a small, and eventually, large business. Proposal management is the root that feeds the tree of growth. A business based on good proposal management will ultimately become a successful business. It is a fact, there is no way around it. Lucky for small business owners everywhere there is software that can assist with this aspect of running the business and help it thrive.


Proposal management software such as eIntelli allows the user to easily create their proposals and store them online in an organized file. This is a far cry from individual Word files that are susceptible to being deleted, stored in the wrong folder, and computer crashes. Proposal management optimization cuts out the waste that hurts so many small businesses. If there is one thing that every small business owner wants to lose it is waste. Waste leads to failure, not profit.