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Online Proposals Made Easy

Software used to create online business proposals is often associated with expensive fees, confusing commands, and overall dissatisfaction. Small business owners without a "tech" background are left scrambling for solutions, when in the end they often give up without any success, going back to what they know, individual, bland, boring Word documents that rarely ever create any RFP responses.


The world of online proposals does not have to be so confusing, there is often a solution available, someone just needs to show the way. Once the light shines down and awakens a small business owner to software like eIntelli, making online proposals could never be easier. With fully customizable skins and layouts, make easy online proposal templates, and worldwide online access, software packages such as eIntelli allows any small business owner to make high quality and easy online proposals.


Small business owners need the ability to make easy online proposals more than anybody else. The big companies work as a huge marginalized bureaucracy, small businesses do not have the resources for this, thus the owner himself is forced to multitask, doing everything from writing proposals to completing projects. If it were not for software packages such as eIntelli, small businesses everywhere would be left in a sea of despair.