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Shawana A Creative Professional


Shawnna is a creative professional working in graphic design services in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area for over 10 years. She started in a boutique advertising agency and decided to start free lancing after the company got acquired by a larger advertising firm.


While Shawnna gets most of her business from referrals she has a hard time winning new business from prospects that have not been referred. Shawnna says this is due to the tremendous amount of competition as there are a lot of creative professionals in the Phoenix area.


Shawnna attributes a 30% increase in conversion after using eIntelli and says that the eIntelli proposal platform allows for her to stand out in a way that her competitors aren't.

"I'm in an industry where clients expect something creative and the standard proposal just wasn't standing out. I literally have had clients call me after I send them the online proposal telling me how impressed they were with the proposal presentation."

Kenny A Snow Removal Specialist


Kenny is a Chicago Firefighter who manages his own snow and ice removal service on his days off during the winter months. He started by plowing and de-icing local business parking lots and alleyways for his neighbors. Soon his business grew to employ 6 close friends, 3 midsized trucks and his service radius expanded to 30 square miles.


Kenny receives the majority of his business from word of mouth and repeat clients; however he would like to expand his business further to include large apartment complexes, private parking lots, and especially government contracted opportunities. Often these prospective clients require lengthy proposal processes and accept bids from up to 50 competitors


In 2 months Kenny has won 5 high revenue, long term contracts for his business after utilizing eIntelli proposal platform.


"eIntelli has helped me in a few different areas, but especially in the time department, managing a business while also being a firefighter is not easy, especially when creating a proposal used to take 3-4 painful hours. Now I can fire one off in no time, and save my work for future projects as well."

John Owner of McDowell Builders


John is the founder of McDowell Builders in Naperville, Illinois. John started after high school as a handyman for the affluent neighborhoods in his area while working for his father, a home builder. He then mastered his craft in luxury home building, room additions, and remodeling. John founded McDowell Builders to cater to the Chicago Suburb housing boom in the 1970s and has since grown to 2 offices and hundreds of satisfied clients.


Given the recent housing market downturn, business has been slow for McDowell Builders. However, with their strong brand name and talented staff of builders many home owners are still contacting John to quote on various projects ranging from kitchen remodeling to a complete housing tear-down and rebuild.

"It became frustrating once the recession came the quotes, estimates, and time on site evaluating the projects were for naught because very few had the funds to sign on to the project. I was spending most of my days quoting on projects instead of managing my clients, and that has never happened" Mr. McDowell recalls.


For 3 months, with a sluggish economy, and a winter slow down against him, John McDowell turned to eIntelli Business Proposal Creation Software to get an edge.


"It was simple, I created my own template for the most common projects I quote on, room additions, kitchen remodeling, and green building construction. After winning a project against one of my neighborhood competitors, I actually found out that he was asking around to find the web developer that has created my proposals."

"The housing market is still not what it used to be, however we have found the key is to win more of the business that is out there, eIntelli has allowed our team to stand out among many other hungry competitors"

James Owner of Auto Upholstery & More


Mr. James's company provides and installs car convertible roofs, auto and boat upholstery, and custom detailed interiors for a variety of automobiles and boats.


Given his wide range of potential customers from boaters, antique car owners, motorcycle fans, to every day car owners looking to update their auto's look Mr. James wanted to show that him and his team are experts in all areas.

Many people call and visit his shop every week to be quoted. James is certain that he should be able to close a good percentage of clients after giving a price range quote if he had more time to follow up and explain to the customer the value of his company.


After 25 years in business Mr. James knew with good certainty what his conversion rate from quote to customer is, and he decided to test this conversion after clients were given an eIntelli proposal customized for his business.

"Results were almost instantaneous I used to have a 6 to 1 quote to customer ratio, now I am around a 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 after only 6 months of eIntelli."


Mr. James has evolved his customization of proposals by creating a template for each type of customer, car, boat, etc. There is even a video greeting from Steve himself.


"When someone wants a truly custom look for their upholstery, I simply click and drag images of some of our most unique job into our proposal. Whether it's a custom monogram seat to an interior featuring your favorite sports team, we can do it and they know it."


"I get a kick out of using eIntelli tracking tool to see how many times the proposal has been viewed, sometimes I think they must send it out to their entire family! It really gives me a sense of how serious they are when I follow up with them."