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Business Proposal


Top of the Line Business Proposals Made Easy

Every small business needs business proposals. This is a fact. Getting clients and contracts without them is almost impossible. Business proposals are the "first impression" that a potential client gets of your business. That is why you need to create business proposals that stand out from the crowd, and more importantly, look professional. With eIntelli, you can achieve this easily and quickly, saving both time and money.


Small business proposals usually come off as bland at best. There are only so many ways to make a Word document look attractive. Every potential client has used Word before, so they know that just changing the font does not take much time or effort. What they do not know about is eIntelli. eIntelli helps you make top of the line business proposals that will get your business noticed. Every proposal is fully customizable with a variety of skins; choose and create the ones that define your small business.


The process of writing business proposals has never been easier. eIntelli guides you step-by-step through the writing and formatting process. When you are done, you store the proposals safely and securely online, allowing you to access them from anywhere at any time. The business proposal process couldn't be easier! eIntelli saves you time and gets you money - two things every small business needs! The time for change is now, change your proposal process and prosper!