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RFP Response


Have you ever wondered how the guy next door keeps his business growing while yours sits stagnant, never gaining and often losing? Have you thought to yourself, what is his secret, what is he doing that is so much better than me? Many small business owners ponder this everyday. What most them do not realize is the importance of (Request for Proposal) RFP responses. What they realize even less is the importance of RFP response software.


To a small business owner, the growth of a business next door is simultaneously a threat and a cause of envy. The guy next door doesn't have any special powers, he is just using the right software to generate RFP responses. The software they are using is eIntelli, one of the webs fastest growing RFP response software on the market. eIntelli knows the importance of an RFP response, it can make all the difference between having food on the table or not. An increase in RFP responses correlates with an increase in RFP conversion, and that is what makes a successful business.


The 21st century has allowed every small business owner to operate with the advantages that the big guys downtown have. Once upon a time, RFP response software was only available to the wealthy, now everybody can afford the services that eIntelli provides. Some have called it the best investment they have ever made, others wondered what they did before they had it. eIntelli will not only help to increase RFP responses but it will help your business thrive during this economic storm.