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Brad McCrory - Monday, April 29, 2013 - Comments (0)

There are some basic elements that you should keep in mind when you start writing a proposal, the proposal that would increase your sales and shorten sales cycle. Many people use the same word for both contract and proposal, whereas a proposal consists of a contract but a contract does not contain a proposal. Some people forget that a sales proposal is not only about getting the client to sign the dotted line but also a lot more than that such as projecting the big picture. Sales proposal should always consist of a problem and a relevant solution. Keeping this in mind, following are 4 elements that would help you writing a successful proposal that would increase your sales.

1. Sales Proposal there Background and Understanding – Try to know the issues that clients have. It could be a specific problem that you are looking to solve. If you show the client that you listen to his problem, its sure that he will also pay a lot of attention to the solution that you are offering. And eventually accept your sales proposal.

2. Sell Your Solutions in the Sales Proposal – Now that you know what the customer wants and in what position he is, you should draft a solution that only specifically address the clients concerns. If you have demonstrated multiple solutions explain the importance of each. Explain him why you have divided your project in different millstones how it would be beneficial for you and the client as well how can you save his money/time etc.

3. Keep Your Sales Proposals Brief – Clients are looking for solution in your proposal, they are not interested in long stories of what your organization has done and achieved. Focus on the client’s needs and get him a solution that he would think as the best. The client knows you are qualified enough that he asked otherwise he won’t have even asked if he didn’t knew that you’d perform the task good enough or not. Don’t bore the client with your achievement stories; they don’t care about what you firm is and how you got here. They just want to hear about their company, their problem and the best solution. Do that and you will automatically convert more sales proposal.

4. Provide Easy Sales Proposal Acceptance – The more time the client takes in to review proposal in the sales cycle, less are the changes that your proposal would be selected. There are online proposal software’s that take care of such things like eIntelli eProposal Application that  offers a clear way to eliminate the process of PDFing, scanning, emailing and signing by using an online tool that is a very effective way to speed up the review cycle through easy proposal review and acceptance.

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