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eintelli eProposal Application - Justifies Itself Being A Software In Real Sense.

Daniel Townsend - Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - Comments (0)

You still think drafting a proposal can take lot of time? Plumtree group has developed the best proposal writing tool with a lot of features that could be used in easing your proposal writing process. Online proposal development has entirely changed the proposal writing process and made it so easy with the advancement of the internet. For eIntelli eProposal Apllication you don’t have to be a computer freak or a programmer, it so easy and convenient that anyone could use it. By using the same content again and again through library your proposal writing process has been made so easy that you could get done writing in minutes. And adding custom data with the editor is ultra-easy,your client would be astonished at both the delivery and will be impressed with the professional look that eIntelli provides your proposal. 

So you are ready to give eIntelli a try. You’ve got a grip on how to use eIntelli. But wait before you send your proposal you need to take care of a couple of things. Firstly,check all the spellings considering your name,the clients and the company on top.

Next you need to read the proposal aloud to yourself,best way to catch errors is to read aloud what you have written, it helps you catch errors like the sentences that doesn’t make sense. It’s important to wait and check the proposal two or three times before you send. You don’t want your client finding mistakes in your proposal.

Then make sure about the links you have added in your proposal. Make sure those links work properly and take the client where you want him to go not some random website.

Take a keen look at the pricing table that you have inserted in your proposal. Double check all the numbers that you added. This is a contract you are proposing if by mistake your numbers aren’t correct you will never get acceptance.

Also get someone else to check the proposal because it’s always good to get two or three eyes go through the proposal before because then you would know how other perceive what you have written.

Drafting a couple of sales proposal can be very tiring and tedious. But with eIntelli, we hope that your experience can be organized and fun.


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