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eIntelli eProposal Application Has Taken Collaborative Approach Of Online Proposal Drafting To The Next level.

Brad McCrory - Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - Comments (0)

For a lot of firms, drafting sales documents consist of feedback from a lot of people. These people might be next to you or could be even on the next floor of the office or next building. Either way getting info from a lot of different people can create problems for you also it will get you confused and disorganized.

We’ve been there solving these problems more than once with our online proposal writing software – eIntelli eProposal Application.

That is why this system is made easy to use. No matter how many people you include in the proposal making process. With our “team members join in” feature you can add important people to use your account and give feedback on the dashboard as to what should be done to make it more attractive and effective.

eIntelli will allow you to get comments from team members on each sales document within the software. These comments will be directly posted to the proposal that they are linked to so that nothing gets confusing or messed up. Team members can also view previous comments and see to that if they have been edited or not. Now you can work with your best team members without even moving from your desk.

With all these feature of team member collaboration and dashboard, now you can easily continue with your sales meeting/presentation without having the fear of forgetting the proposal at the office. Just have an internet connection; you can easily get to your proposal in just a few clicks.

We understand that you might be having issues using new service, which is why we are offering you a Free Trial period through which you can test run the tool and get a good grip on it. Plus, our support team is looking forward to help you convert proposals and get a good grip on eIntelli. No credit card required. Give us a try and explore all of our great features. Have questions? No problem. We’re here to help!


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