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Brad McCrory - Monday, November 05, 2012 - Comments (0)

Shed your inhibition to not disclose that you often had an eye tracking on good Business Proposals Examples. That is one way to learn. Having tried to learn shorthand and having left it half-way taken over by the technological revolution, I often remember a brief sentence from the old Pitman shorthand book, “A trip on tram can give you give you an hundred lessons”, “provided you take it” it adds. How relevant it is for all times to come? I believe it, unknowingly.

Today, the world has turned into a “Global Village” as termed by Marshall McLuhan in his books The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man (1962) and Understanding Media (1964). If we apply the analogy of Pitman we can as well say that a single search on the Internet displays millions of pages (read lessons). McLuhan precisely hinted at the expanse of Internet which would bring the world together. Hence everyone is looking out for examples – valuable examples that can add or upgrade their learning's.

Business is one of the fastest changing part of the human world and updation of learnings is much part of everyday world. In the given situation you understand how important your business proposals are for your business. So is updation and learnings on business proposals through business proposal examples.

Business proposal writing software is a widely used tool in business as a support tool for growth. A business proposal allows your business to incubate in your absence. It says it all when you want to secure business. It is an insider’s tool to convince the board to conclude your proposal as the only possible solution, a winning proposal for you. Thus, the elements of a proposal need a lot of hard work, thought work and smart work. Don’t forget the difference between a winning proposal and also ran proposal in the scale of 100 is between 2-5. When that is the case you are definitely looking out of probable business proposal examples from some really cutting edge proposal writing software.

eProposal proposal writing software is one such software which produces business proposals within a fraction of time. It gives you a palette to tweak your proposal without having you to start from scratch. You begin your proposal writing task in an organized document before you have collected and filled up the requisite information. Therefore, you are assured most proposals are tweaked to the best before they are converted into a business proposal to be presented to the client. This also allows you to produce more business proposal examples under writing, easier. When you have multiple business proposal examples to compare you can upscale it between 2-5 and make your way to the winning proposal easy. It also provides business intelligence by helping you keep tab on the statistics of the viewer, viewing, editing and forwarding by your client after submission. Which other tool would you wish to use for your proposal writing for increasing conversion rates, if it could be done by eIntelli.


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