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Brad McCrory - Friday, February 08, 2013 - Comments (0)

Overcoming inhibitions in using new tools in your business is easy. The best approach is to find how others are using the tool to their benefit. Getting details through the buzz of new software creating a wave from market is easier. Find how conversion rates are moving up for some your competitors in the market. A prospective client will often have a word or two to convey about the new proposal writing software. Get in touch with the company providing you the new software experts and call for a quote.

No more copy and pasting! Transfer any information from your old proposals into new ones on the fly without keeping several tabs open or going back and forth between two proposals.

The sales process is never easy. It takes time and dedication to find and sign clients, and one of the most difficult parts can be the actual sales proposal. Each document has to be customized for each client.

We always add features to eIntelli to help our users be even more efficient. Some of you might have already noticed that Library appears on the right hand side of the screen while creating or editing proposals and templates.

Content Library works as a repository of content blocks you use most often in your proposals. Be it text, images, HTML, video or a combination of all the elements, you can now conveniently save any block into your Content Library and with a single click add it into other proposals.

If you have already created several proposals and have templates with eIntelli eProposal, great way to quickly populate your Content Library is to go through your templates and proposals, enable Edit mode and add blocks, which you would like to be at hand.

To add blocks into Content Library simply click Add to library buttonYou will notice that new item is available in your Content Library and you can now add it into any proposal or template. Items inherit block’s title as their name.

eProposal proposal writing software is one such software which produces business proposals within a fraction of time. It gives you a palette to tweak your proposal without having you to start from scratch. You begin your proposal writing task in an organized document before you have collected and filled up the requisite information. Therefore, you are assured most proposals are tweaked to the best before they are converted into a business proposal to be presented to the client. This also allows you to produce more business proposal examples under writing, easier. When you have multiple businesses proposal examples to compare you can upscale it between 2-5 and make your way to the winning proposal easy. It also provides business intelligence by helping you keep tab on the statistics of the viewer, viewing, editing and forwarding by your client after submission. Which other tool would you wish to use for your proposal writing for increasing conversion rates, if it could be done by eIntelli.


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