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eIntelli eProposal Helps you close the deal with a Winning Proposal

Brad McCrory - Monday, November 05, 2012 - Comments (0)


So, you have this blue chip prospective client that you want to close. This client is not only important for your company but also another notch in your career. The only thing that stands between you and this client is a winning proposal. You now start to ask your team many questions….

How do we write a Winning Proposal? Do we have all the information? What information is the client most likely to resonate with? Do you have the information for inclusion sorted out for the proposal? Do you have a draft ready? Have you made the abstract or the executive summary? Do you have relevant testimonials and references?

Winning proposals writing is just not a one go affair. It is tweaking every moment from the beginning of proposal writing to taking it to a winning proposal. Still you are not assured of taking a winning proposal to the client if you perfected the technicals of the proposal but not created a proposal to fit the customer schema. The Customer schema is problem for which he is seeking a solution but is not ready to accept that your solution to his problem. That is when you realize you have understand the customer’s problem as he has picturized it. Hence you solution should again fit his problem as he sees it. Your proposal writing should take it the brink of the only solution to make a winning proposal.

When you have decided to do all that of taking your proposal as document of solutions to his problem you have definitely created a winning proposal. During the whole process of tweaking the proposal to creating a winning proposal you could have definitely been comfortable if the basics of proposal writing were to be taken care of.

eIntelli, the proposal is a suite of online software for proposal writing which keeps you at the ease of taking care of the layout, provides you templates, helps you pull in logo designs, and also provides you the content module. Don’t you have someone who fills the gap of support when you are slicing the gap of a proposal to a winning proposal. Are you assured you could create winning proposal with the proposal writing software.

Any doubts there that eIntelli doesn’t offer something more for creating a winning proposal. Get the statistics of the tab of editing, printing, viewing and forwarding by your customer for your information to refine the proposal or be prepared for feedback. Does it sound wise to graduate to eIntelli?


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