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eIntelli eProposal Application Helps Identifying Key Areas To Focus On While Drafting An Online Business Proposal.

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It is likely the person demanding for the proposal would provide a verbal or written instruction, which the author can use in drafting the proposal. If this is the case or not it is necessary for the author to do a little research. The reason for the research is to ensure that the writer has the level of knowledge that is required to solve the client’s problem in an effective manner. The research which the author is doing may include further discussion with the client, the purpose for that is to make sure you have the complete knowledge of what the client wants and identify his problem so that you may provide a better solution accordingly. An example of the importance of this can be seen within a marketing proposal. A recipient of such a proposal is hard to be pleased if the marketing plan has not taken into account the latest Internet promotional opportunities, such as social medias and websites. Competition or competitors, you have to do good research on them as to who would be your competitors, what price are they quoting, what procedures would they follow and what quality would they provide. Therefore, to ensure that the proposal is positioned correctly, knowledge of other market players and their processes is important.


Proposals are being submitted in a condition where it is evident that the author has paid little attention to layout and design, despite the benefits of these programs. Clients want to receive a document that flows in a logical manner, is well designed in terms of layout and continuity. Simple errors such as grammar and spelling mistakes or lack of a logical flow of the information borne within the proposal are likely to raise concerns. If the proposal does not show evidence of attention to detail, the recipient may question whether the implementation and delivery will suffer from the same problems.


Content writing is the most difficult part in a proposal you just need to write stuff but also link them accordingly so that they make a good logical pattern that the client is interested in reading. A document that is not properly structured is difficult to read and, more importantly, can lead to confusion in respect of what is being proposed, which can damage the eventual outcome of the project implementation.

In our opinion, the proposal should follow a logical sequence that covers the following points.


The introduction consist of a little to everything like what is the proposal about, who is it being submitted, who is submitting it and what is the organization’s role.


In this section you must consider upon a detailed discussion about what the client needs and how you would solve his/her problem. This could be very risky because if you don’t explain the right thing here and mislead the client he won’t further read the proposal.


In this section you make it visible how you would achieve the goal or cater the client’s needs. Some people present this with a Gantt chart that includes the milestones and the duration between each milestone and within what timescale would you deliver the project to the client.


This section provides the details about what resources would be needed to accomplish the goal, what equipment and human resource would be needed at every milestone to complete the project.


The client wants to know how competent the proposing person or the organization is. So in this section it would be really helpful if you focus on presenting the previous sales or project of this type that you have completed or catered and some indication of the expertise of the human resources that will be committed to the tasks identified.


Certainly from both the writer and recipient's viewpoint one of the most important aspect of the proposal will be the cost of the project, product or service being delivered. However, it is also important to include the terms and conditions that these costs apply to and any other issues that might affect the costing.


Appendices can be useful for the inclusion of references relating to the conduct of previous projects or sales contracts and detailed resumes of the key personnel who will be involved with the performance of the contract. In addition, other relevant information that is considered to add value to the content of the proposal might also be included within this section.


Whatever type of written business proposal is being presented, as is apparent from the above, three of the most important areas that need to be considered are research, layout and design and content. If sufficient attention is not paid to these areas, and the results communicated effectively within the proposal, there is every chance that the proposal will be consigned to the nearest recycling bin. This will not only lead to the loss of the project being promoted within the proposal, but also reduce the chances of developing a future positive relationship with the recipient.

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