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eIntelli eProposal Application And Creating Good Online Proposals?

Brad McCrory - Friday, February 15, 2013 - Comments (0)

What do you understand when someone say good eProposals? Are they some sort of already made proposals that you just need to buy and start working on with?

No! eProposals are just like any normal handmade proposals the only feature different is that it is created on the world wide web. Now you’d be thinking how this is beneficial for my firm how would I get return from it. But let me tell you eIntelli eProposlas software won’t be a liability to you it would be an asset that would keep on giving.

But how? Right? If it’s no different from any other proposal then how is it beneficial how can you say it’s an asset right? Let me tell you eIntelli has a lot of features that would make you crazy like first of all we have a proposal conversion team for you that would convert your already existing proposal plus our proposal statistics are really cool you can always keep a track to where your proposals is what is its status and when do you need to go back and contact the client again.

eIntelli has a variety of different templates that help you generate effective proposal these different templates come from different industry so the one catering your industry you just need to edit a little and forward it to the client that could save you a whole lot of time and money cause in business time is money.

The team here at eIntelli is so dedicated, they want you to get a good grip on the software and for that they provide you customer assistance 24/7. There is this feature which allows the customer to agree and accept the proposal through home only through e-signature so eIntelli does not only provide help to you but your clients too.

eIntelli is not like other software’s providing you with this service it is totally unique it gives you leverage to add your team members so that creating proposals isn’t the difficult you just create your part accordingly and every dept. would do their respective parts making the work easy and in less time.

Plus you can add theme colors according to your company theme which make proposals more and more comfortable.

Proposals are a very  formal and efficient way to increase sales but customizing proposals for each client is a lot of time consuming but with eIntelli eProposal software you can do that so easily like in a couple of minutes saving hours of hard work and pain.

This is the best for new entrepreneurs as they look for just sales they don’t really know how to make it happen and this software would really help them flourish there business and take it to next level.

So get started on eInetlli, take your business ahead increasing profit margin and save your time through eIntelli eProposal application. We are providing a 14 day free trial, please take a sneak peek at


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