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Daniel Townsend - Wednesday, March 06, 2013 - Comments (0)

As a manager there are a lot of obstacles but the most difficult one is to make a proposal or propose for anything. This could be anything from proposing your boss starting a new venture outreaching a bank or an investor to inject in some money in your business. When doing this you should realize one thing that you are the one proposing and the one you are proposing to is in the power so you have to be able enough presentable and worthy that he may think of you as a good resource and not just a waste of time.

When creating a business proposal you need to keep in mind the needs and criteria of the person you are proposing to, your content should be original not copy pasted from another letter because it would hold as much worth as a junk mail in your inbox. Make it original and tailored to their needs. Be frank and totally honest. Don’t blow out of proportion and at the same time be very confident and straightforward.

However your proposal shouldn't be dull and boring or it should not look like you have paid someone to just hammer down some words on the keyboard for you, it should look like you are a real person proposing and try to convey your personality through the proposal. Adding a little humor can also impress the person reading the proposal.

Your proposal should consist of easy words and phrases so that the other person understands easily, it should not look like a document of any top secret agency rather it should be as simple and easy to understand as possible. Don’t make it complex; mention the cost summary properly so that the client can focus on it easily. Now comes the last part of reading the proposal again and again - at least read the proposal 4 to 5 times to check all the spellings and grammar mistakes and then ask someone else to also skim it.

Lastly, focus on the reader’s mind, focus on what advantages you are offering to the reader and its company. If you aren't providing them any facility, why would they accept the proposal? So do not forget to mention those advantages in the proposal.

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