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eIntelli eProposal Application, Posing A Striking Difference Amongst Other Online Proposal Development Tools.

Brad McCrory - Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - Comments (0)

So far we have shared a couple of topics on this podium like how to write effective proposals, tips on how to make a proposal easy to read and interesting to the client, now we take this as an opportunity to unleash how our software is different from others and how it would really help your sales in increasing your gross income.

I will start with the basics like our interface. First of all if you have already signed up for an online proposal conversion service you must have come to know by now that you can’t just learn these software’s in minutes, it takes a whole lot of time and guidance to get a good grip on the software but our interface is so easy you won’t need any help. Still we have a customer support ready to help you 24/7.

Taking you a bit ahead on our software with the business intelligence feature, you can easily keep a track or view as to how far you proposal has travelled and your client has looked into page(s) the most, helping you to know about the client’s behavior and what is it that the customer really looks at so that you can improvise even more.

When writing proposal it’s never easy to get genuine interesting ideas that your client is looking for, you need something so good that catches the clients eye because you know you aren’t the only one offering, there are a lot of other’s biding too. For your ease, eIntelli eProposal has more than 50 templates that could really help you in writing proposal for the first time and if you have less time you can use one of these for sure.

The proposal being drafted, you can easily get it accepted through e-signature: this feature allows your client being satisfied of the professionalism, information security and confidentiality, he does not have to drive all the way to meet you, he just have to open the document and accept it from therein which would save a lot of time and energy and would let you start working immediately.

Once you are done creating your proposal, you can easily keep a track on the status of the proposal as to if it has been opened yet or not, which page has been mostly read and other stats. All these can be really helpful to know what your client is looking for.

And here is a free advice always while creating a mind blowing proposal: you should consider two things - a) Do your researches completely and b) Always put yourself in your client’s shoes.

For more information, visit us at and Sign Up for a free 14 day trial.


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