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Providing general advice regarding how to write proposals for business purposes is not easy. This is because the type of proposal required can be diverse in terms of its purpose, size and the intended recipient.

For example, in terms of purpose there is a difference between a sales proposal and a proposal intended for internal use, which could relate to changes in processes or strategy. Similarly, there is a difference between preparing a product or service based proposal. The size and complexity of the proposal also needs to be considered, particularly in relation to the numbers of participants. A proposal for the development of a major project, such as the building of a new operations plant, would require involvement and input from a number of business experts from various departments, whereas a sales proposal being submitted to a single customer might be written by one person. Furthermore, the type of recipient may also influence the proposal content and style. A typical example of this is the variances between a proposal submitted to the private and public sectors.

Proposal writing is a very big challenge for businesses as there is so much competition in the market. You need a proper proposal writer to come up with something not just good but unique so that the customer picks your proposal up among others.

Our software, eIntelli eProposal Application, not just helps you in creating some proposal but we focus on getting you the job. Our tool helps you in so many ways when creating your proposal reducing so much cost that you like it in just fist look. Our interface is so easy that even a naïve can understand how to work on it.

eIntelli focuses on giving you the best effectively and efficiently. We not only cater the big but also the new small or mid-sized businesses. Entrepreneurs can also get a lot of benefit from eIntelli at a very minimal cost.

Let’s start with the features eIntelli eProposal Application has to help you. When writing a proposal the most challenging work is how to start the proposal. It has so many different industry templates that would really help you in creating a new proposal. You just have to pick one which ever you like free of cost and later on just edit it as per your company requirement and all the writing that you need is done.

Most of the good proposal writers spend less time on writing proposal then reviewing them. Once you are done with the textual content draft, you can add rich images or videos to help client understand easily. Our proposal writing tool helps you in adding all of this in just a few clicks.

The theme section in our tool also allows you to leverage addition of colors and themes to your proposal with great ease in adherence to your company’s brand.

For more information, visit us at and SignUp for a Free 14 day trial.


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