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Attention Proposal Writers! Here Are A Few Handful Of Tips For You While Drafting A Proposal.

Brad McCrory - Thursday, April 25, 2013 - Comments (0)

These are some steps that are to be considered by a proposal writer when he/she is drafting any proposal.

Getting Started

A good proposal should have clear starting like it should be clear and understandable and should have all the important information like the goals and objective of the following proposal. In addition, a good proposal should highlight every aspect that would begin with a sense about how it will be beneficial/significant in improving the current practices.

Think about what improvements your project will make, and then develop a course of action as to how you would complete the following plan in action. What would be the instruments/equipment’s needed in order to complete the task. Or who do you have to merge with to get the project done. Focus on the goals and objectives so that you may know which action helps in completing which goal.

You should make your project look innovative in your context. It should not look like you are just coming up to the competitor’s standard. You should have something different from the competitor that gives you an edge over your competitor.

Mention about what you have done in preparing the project, and explain the changes you have made and demonstrate on small scale. When the project requires a lot of funding for equipment try getting alternatives and explain how they are cost efficient and beneficial for the projects.

Get advice from other people who have wrote proposals before or have a grip on it they will help you better. Or get a good online proposal writing tool like eIntelli and get benefits from its numbered templates.

Gathering Information

When you are writing a proposal you should think if there is any work of this kind that you have done before, if yes do mention it in your proposal, it could be very beneficial for you and for the customer in getting to know how you would execute the task. The proposal should present appropriate attention to the existing relevant knowledge base. You will then be better able to see how that project is outlined and developed and how it meets certain needs on that particular campus and in the broader community. Clearly you will wish to use this only as guidance and should not copy the project. There will be differences in what is needed in each new project.

Target Audience

The target audience really matters in your proposal you should really get in the clients shoes and think if the proposal is the best solution to the problem you should really get to know what the client wants and likes and what is he expecting from you in the proposal. Give the client what he wants, don’t use tough English, use familiar words and make it clear, concise and to the point.


When there is more than one person or organization involved in the project, it is very important to have them included too in the planning and organizing process.Even in smaller projects, an advisory board of outside experts or local community can provide additional levels of expertise and experience.

Other Considerations

Get a good team working on the proposal, assign tasks so that you could further get the work done easily. Distribute duties and develop a schedule of activities needed to prepare the proposal in time to meet the proposal deadline.

Remember to get the proposal viewed and revised by a third party so that you may know how others perceive the information you have provided.

Practically the final version of the proposal would involve a lot of drafts and revision. Don’t try to get it done in the first time.


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