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Brad McCrory - Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - Comments (0)

How do you think you write a proposal? Proposal writing is somewhat similar to persuasive essay writing or drafting a report. I will tell you some good techniques regarding the making of a proposal.

1. A proposal should be drafted with a problem and its solution that is plausible and logical.

2. When writing a proposal provide some solid facts not opinions to take the argument to approval. Do you homework properly research on very possible solution possible to that problem.

3. Do proper analyses of your project provide some pictures and chart to make it visible for the client to see the proper demonstration of the project on a small scale. Provide grant charts in your proposal to make the client get a better understanding about the milestones and accomplishments.

4. Properly describe all the finances nothing should be confusing the client should get what money is for what.

5. After you are done with your proposal read it a couple of times top make sure nothing is irrelevant and if there is something edit it. Make sure you presentation is attractive and no boring that the client loses focus.

Proposal should consist of the following things:

Executive summary: Give a little summary of what you would be proposing inside and give the title to the proposal.

Statement of need: State why the proposal is necessary and should be done.

Project description: Provide some charts as to how you would achieve the solution what would be the milestones and all.

Cost summary: Give a detailed explanation about the finances and what cost is needed for what.

Organization details: Provide a little information about your organization its mission stake holders and who it serves.

Conclusion: Summarize the main points of the proposal.

This Blog is for those who think proposal writing is hard and can’t be done easily. This is to show them that it does not take a lot of time just a little bit of dedication can do the thing. I have mentioned above all the necessary information needed in drafting a proposal if you still think it’s hard meet us at eIntelli and our 60+ proposal templates would help you create proposals in a fraction of your time.

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