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Winning More Proposals Through Simple Changes

Brad McCrory - Friday, March 08, 2013 - Comments (0)

“So simple, yet so effective”. Very frequently we come across this sentence that also adds a definition to the word Emotion. Emotion is simple but very instrumental and plays a vital role when people purchase something. Recent trends in consumer behavior are making it very evident that people buy on emotion and not based on facts and figures. Proof of the pudding is on eating. Before taking a decision, generally out of human psychological behavior, consumers need the following: pictures or videos to look at, demos to see software in action and portfolio as proof of skill. So while your proposal needs to echo your understanding of their problem and methods to solve it, you must engage them with your well garnished words. You want to put down your points but ensure of being tricky about replacing rational words with emotional words.

Actionable Emotion: Thought provoked! Have you heard of it? Why not cement our understanding on these words based on a few differences between two set of examples below:

Example A - Catch a glimpse of a few rational words:

0. combat

1. sufficient

2. notion

3. construct

4. allow

5. purchase

6. excellent

Example B - Now let’s catch a glimpse of a few emotional words:

0. fight

1. idea

2. powerful

3. unique

4. successful 

5. amazing

6. intense

Try implementing these simple changes and gauge the reflection of response(s). Your proposals will be teeming with fresh energy and life. At a glance your proposal may not look like convincing but once drilled down and read through, readers will be glued to the proposal because of the impact and correct placement of these powerful words.

We highly recommend the usage of Actionable Emotions and leveraging on your business proposals for a result oriented proposal conversion.

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