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Tryst With An Online Proposal Development Tool

Daniel Townsend - Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - Comments (0)

Most of the businesses choose to hire contractors based on three things:

1. Their experience;

2. Their credentials (i.e. education);

3. Their business proposal

Of these above three key job-landing elements, only a business proposal is completely within your control the minute you decide to bid on a job. The other two factors can only be built up gradually, over time. So, if you want to land more gigs, the most obvious thing to start doing today is to begin writing better business proposals. But how?

Obviously, a lot of what makes a good proposal depends on the context (who you’re pitching too, what skills you have, etc). Here at eIntelli, we have come up with a very good and creative idea of our own to help you grow your business efficiently. We provide you ease of creating proposal through a variety of sample proposals/templates that you just have to edit a little and send it to the customer.

Now you might be thinking what we are speculating, how our eIntelli eProposal application can help you and if we would charge a lot; but no, we have created the online business proposal creating tool that helps you create proposals online and then send your proposals in a very secured and confidential way through password protection.

eIntelli eProposal provides you with a variety of features that might help you create a proposal that would capture the clients mind in seconds. We have features to facilitate adding rich multimedia in your proposal to make it more creative and persuasive so as to provide your customer with a clearer picture of what you have to offer.

We have a feature labeled “Library”, you can add content blocks that you think would be needed in the future, for e.g.: company history, introduction, etc., you just have to drag and add it to your current proposal which would save a lot of time.

Our customer support which is on duty 24/7 for your help can be of great help for you to create proposals.

eIntelli can surely be the reason for your firm’s growth. And this is our company’s motto.

Do visit our website and log in for a 14 day free trial at or visit to talk to our customer support officer.

eIntelli will provide you with all the features that you need to create a mind blowing proposal to become your customer’s priority. eIntelli has example business plans for you that will surely help you creating a business proposal more easily. And our customer support provides you with tips to create good proposals so you should surely visit eIntelli and have a look at what we have to offer. Last but not the least we aren’t expensive. Our payment module is less than our competitors with more features.


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