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Signs that business proposal writing is taking up too much of your time

Daniel Townsend - Monday, November 05, 2012 - Comments (0)

Build every time from the scratch for a business proposal? How are you going to upscale your business? Have you, I heard “The Mayonnaise Jar and Two Cups of Coffee” story? It is one of the best stories whirled around in corporate training camps on saving time. The story is made contextual for management of time in day-to-day life. How relevant it is we all know. Many of us listen to it, remember it and may laugh it off. Some of us who see reason in the story also remember it. But a few who understand the purport of the story try to put in practice and reap the benefits.

Time in business is available at a premium. Hence the adage goes, “Time is money”. To manage time be organized. When you are organized in business you get automatically organized in every process of business. Your resources are organized. Your information is organized. The information flow processes to your employees and clients are organized and reward with team performance. Your communication process gets organized. A Business Proposal is one best way of organized communication when you are in business. When you are in an emerging entrepreneur or in small business you are very well aware of it.

A proposal makes your organization visibility in your invisibility. Therefore, you need to handle your proposal writing with care and spare enough time to slice the gap of a winning business proposal and an also ran business proposal. How can you achieve that? Be organized! When you are organized and are attempting the task of proposal writing things are likely to be easy. You are likely to save time. But when you have Proposal Writing software and are going to use it, your task will get a lot smoother. How’s that? Simple, how many times you have spent a lot more time on alignment of the content than working on the content to give it a fresh thought? Haven’t you given more time to design and redesign the presentation of the proposal? Getting the logo, arranging the tables, graphs, statistics, have all been consuming more than required time.

eIntelli’s eProposal proposal writing software provides all the supportive tools in a palette when you set yourself on the task of business proposal writing. It creates branded proposals in a fraction of time. Once you have put finishing touches to your proposal you are as well ready to publish. It allows you to customize your proposal in many different ways. It creates new themes that incorporate your organization's color scheme, logo and font style, instantly. Multiple member login allows you to provide inputs from all of your team. What is less and what more are you looking for to aid your team to get better organized and save time.

Don’t you want to focus on increasing conversion rates? Higher leads with lower conversion rates do not favor your long-term business interests, especially, if you are in small business or an emerging entrepreneur. Use eIntelli’s eProposal, when signs that Business Proposal Writing is taking up too much of your time is at face.


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