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Secrets Of Writing A Stunning Proposal

Brad McCrory - Thursday, March 14, 2013 - Comments (0)

What is proposal writing? Are you afraid of proposal writing? Do you think it takes a lot of time and hard work? Here is a secret for all those who think like this: as a writer you have already got all the skills you need to write an effective stunning proposal.

Creating a proposal only asks for you to compile all the relevant data that you think is required to close the deal and place it into in a professional document.

What do you call a proposal?

If you have never had a chance of writing a proposal, a proposal is a formal document which is a solution to solve the client’s problem keeping this in your mind now it’s your responsibility to structure it in such a way that looks stunning interesting and the solution to the client’s problem.

Everything you phrase in it should somehow revolve around the client’s problem and its solution.

What is there more to proposal?

There are different types of proposal some are very lengthy others are short. Proposal can be written for either an expert audience or a board of directors. There will be times you would have to write within the organization and sometimes you would have to write for outside the organization to the people you don’t know.

Now you have to find out what your reader wants and what is he looking for then you draft your proposal accordingly. As a writer your job here is to cater you client’s problem.

Knowing you reader is the most important job while drafting a proposal I will tell you why:

Persuasive proposal – persuasive techniques are in almost every proposal they just vary from document to document. When creating a proposal sometimes a little creativity can create interest in the reader.

And other times some solid research can do the trick you just have to find out what you reader wants.

Proposal complexity – every proposal that is drafted has a unique identity some are drafted sweetly and shortly others are long and complex but one thing you should keep in mind that your proposal should not lose track and it should not contain boring irrelevant information.

Your opening should be with a brief statement of the solution to the client’s problem. The rest of the proposal could be organized as steps of implementation, cost summary and in depth analysis of the potential benefits.

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