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Preliminary Investigation - The Quintessential Phenomena In Proposal Drafting

Brad McCrory - Tuesday, March 26, 2013 - Comments (0)

As we all know carrying out the activities of business consists a lot of time, and with so much in hand you could easily put away proposal writing. And then when the time comes start drafting your proposal,you realize that it requires a lot more time and research than you thought. You think that you have accomplished so many sales documents so this would be easy too but you don’t know every client is different and asks for different requirements and its very important to consider their every need before submitting the proposal.

You should consider the following before determining the time and energy the project would require:

The most important and the first step of writing a proposal is doing a complete background check or research on the company you are targeting and sending the proposal too. After the first meeting with your potential client, do a quick search on what the person is like and what the company website represents. Then consider if there is anything worth enough to be mentioned in the proposal.

Then in the second part you have to get to know the person you would be working with, you need to know the personality and goals and standards of the client this is very important get the reader to read what they really want to read that gives you a benefit over them. It’s always good to know the people who would be working with you for this project. Because their input plays a very important role in getting the deal closed. Just take out a little time out of your busy schedule and try and understand your colleagues and clients need and you are good to go.

Do you think the client whom you are proposing to is getting quotes from elsewhere too? Its ok to ask the client beforehand if they are taking any quotes from competitors of the same industry. There are some clients who tell you before submitting that who you are competing with if they don’t tell you it’s a general phenomenon that you might have competition and you need to prepare accordingly. So take some time to research about all the possible competitors and briefly describe in your proposal why your solution is the best.

Proposal isn’t that easy that you think. Proofreading is very important in proposal writing. If you make proposal based on several different sections it can be a lot of time creating and then it can take a lot of time proofreading it. You should always hire a second employer who would proofread for you and be very careful about spelling and grammar because it could cost you a lot.

Make sure you spend enough time to do all of this. Creating a proposal can be very lengthy and hectic but it is important for business. So don’t wait for the last minute join eIntelli now to help quicken the process with a variety of interesting features.


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