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New Proposal Templates - A High Value Addition For eProposal Users

Daniel Townsend - Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - Comments (0)

Sales are never too easy. Knowing and catering to customer’s need takes a lot of research and energy. For an entrepreneur, sales proposal creation or drafting a new business proposal from scratch is never too easy, but a template/sample business proposal gives a fully formed structure to the desired business plan and helps creating the perfect business proposal for prospects to read and analyze quickly.

And when you know your competitors are getting better and better as each day surpasses, you should have a good grip on creating business proposals because it is the only way you can increase your sales and increasing sales is the only way to expand business.

Herein, our online proposal development tool, eIntelli eProposal application, helps you a lot by providing over 60+ standard industry specific templates catering and covering all the possible businesses thereby reducing a lot of your hard work in deciding how your proposal should be designed and presented, instead, you have to just enter you company name and required proposal information to get a perfect proposal considerably in a less time that would give you an edge over your competitors and a good impression on your client. See what is more. Test a demo of the Business Proposal Samples software suite on live projects with your existing clients.

A media presentation can make proposals more and more interesting and attractive. eIntelli eProposal application definitely offers a value by allowing to add videos and images into your business proposal and in the process giving a better idea as to what you are offering to client.

Our customer service team being active 24/7, you can get an easy know how as to how eIntelli’s proposal development software works and quickly use all its options to gain more and more benefits in creating a proposal.

In sales, time is of the essence! You have to react fast, be first, and constantly on your client’s radar. With eIntelli eProposal, once you are done creating proposal, you can send it to all your potential clients and from the same platform you have the option to view the statistics of whether or not they have opened and viewed your proposal. With your sales team using eIntelli proposal making software, they can have a look as to whom you are offering what and who’s interested and becoming a potential customer. Call us to help you grow.


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