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Know how eIntelli eProposal’s In-Proposal Analytics Add Intelligence to Your Proposal Building.

Brad McCrory - Monday, February 04, 2013 - Comments (0)

What is a proposal? How do you make one? Who gets to study the proposal? How do you know when it gets reviewed? How do you get to know when is it accepted? Do you have any answer to all these questions?

Proposal is a very effective way of communication plus it is very formal and helps you document each and every little detail to be considered in the deal. But creating proposal at the same time is a very hard job and a lot of time consuming. eIntelli eProposal software helps you do that easily and also save’s a lot of your time.

For a new entrepreneur proposal making is a very difficult task his overall concern is about to make more and more profit for his new business he wants his expenses to be taken care of from the business not his pocket.

Creating proposal through eIntelli is a very easy task if you know it and with eIntelli eProposal you can create proposals through more than 50 templates catering your needs and giving you an edge over your competitors.

Through proposal you can easily portray as to what your business is and how do you manage deals with clients. But creating proposal isn’t that easy if you don’t have proper skills and knowledge of business now hiring someone just to do that could be very expensive.

Instead you could just log into eIntelli and get a premium package for a very reasonable price which will help you create proposals and easily understand it in no time about how proposal can be effective.

Once you are done with the proposal then comes the hard part waiting for the client’s response. What do you think you would do then? How would you get to know if he has gotten a chance to see your proposal? Is he interested or not?

eIntelli helps you easily find out what is the current status of your proposal is it being viewed or is it being forwarded to you competitors. eIntelli helps you get all the feature for a new entrepreneur for creating good effective proposals.

You might be thinking that it won’t be easy for a normal guy to use eIntelli and an IT specialist can only work on the interface but no it’s nothing like that with our drag and drop feature eIntellli becomes a piece of cake for its user. You don’t need to be a IT specialist to use eIntelli plus our customer support is there 24/7 for your help.


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