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Important Factors To Consider While Procuring An Online Proposal Development Tool.

Daniel Townsend - Friday, March 29, 2013 - Comments (0)

When you start drafting a sales proposal, it’s very easy to lose track. But, if you don’t think correctly and every little aspect should be under consideration or else you could lose a potential client. When drafting an effective proposal you should keep in mind to consider the potential clients need and wants and draft the proposal according to that. It’s not always how you communicate in the proposal with the client, the project manager has also have to build a relation with the client during the meetings.

When creating a proposal or going through the process of writing proposal you should not just see the client as a potential revenue, client are human beings too. And if this project is to take of well then you could form a long term relation with the client that could be beneficial for you in the future too.

Some facts that should be considered during the proposal writing process:

Taking in consideration the clients time:

After you are done with the proposal and send it its common to become impatient for the response. eIntelli can really help you with that with our new dashboard that tells you all the analytics of the proposal. This would let you know how many times the proposal is viewed, which section is being viewed the most and what time did the client first viewed the proposal. And once you know all of this you automatically have a sense of security that the client is reviewing the proposal and you let him have his time instead of pestering. It’s very important that you don’t rush or force the client to make the decision because they likely have a lot of other things going on too.

They don’t have enough space in their inbox:

As we all know emails can easily get lost in the pile of spam that we receive every now and then. If it’s been a couple of day and still no one has viewed the proposal then its time you pick up the phone or stop by their office or you could try other means to communicate. You should make the client realize that you aren’t just an email address; still doesn’t start bothering the client, when it’s time for feedback, do it in a very cool way so that the client doesn’t think of you as a desperate. Phone calls or meeting in person can make a real impact instead of just sharing emails.

You should always be careful about the manners:

No matter whoever you are or whatever you do, saying please and thank you always makes the reader feel good. You have to be cordial if you want the proposal to work. It’s really important for you to take some time out and think of who you really are and what really matters. Even if somehow your proposal doesn’t get accepted keep in mind to thank the client for reading and considering it would maintain a future good relationship.

Think of the competition:

There is no reason to think that you are their only one contender applying for the job. Anyone who is willing to spend a good amount of money would always consider a third opinion. You in your proposal make it clear that how you would complete the job effectively in comparison to the competitor. Give them a little insight about how successful your last job was and what other may lack that you have. And tell them that you are really committed to the success of their project.

Win or lose your next sales proposal should be more professional and with less errors. And they way you treat people would really reflect who you are and how your company works. Try eIntelli to draft an effective and professional looking proposal.


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