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How can eIntelli Help Your Organization Work Effectively?

Daniel Townsend - Tuesday, February 12, 2013 - Comments (0)

Organization is a very important term in management science. It says that we may lose all the 5Ms of management but if you still have the organization it is easy to regain the 5Ms. The key to practice healthy business is to be organized. When you are organized in business you have everything in place. Systems are best examples of being organized in any business. One could take organization to any extend and benefit through improved efficiency, delivery, and rewards.

When you are organized in business you create time. While time is money in business, by creating time you create money or rather create opportunity to create money. And one can understand the purport of the oft whirled story – “The Mayonnaise Jar and Two Cups of Coffee” in the corporate world on managing time. When you are in business every business process needs allotment of time. The time most consumed in business is the decision making process and their best value can be realized if only when business decision support systems in place which requires tons of time trying to figure out what information to use and where exactly it is. Even with the ability to send PDFs through email, you never know whether or not the client got the proposal, not to mention whether or not they’ll even be able to open it.

eIntelli eProposal Application caters to your business and is not limited to the following most important value additions.

1. Customer Service:

One of the biggest things eIntelli has is its customer service desk that is always there to help you eIntelli responds to their clients as quickly as possible, which is essential when you’re working in sales. eIntelli offers many different avenues to ask for help, such as Get Satisfaction, a customer engagement platform. And, of course, the best part of this is that the faster eInetlli responds to us, the faster we can respond to clients.

2. The Proposal Design:

We also have to give eProposal props to the most important aspect of this online sales proposal system: the proposal itself! When we send out proposals, clients say it looks like we’ve built a whole website for their individual proposal. As one of our sales people said, it’s “beefy.” In addition to allowing tons of different pages, the proposal holds videos and pictures, which does wonders to illustrate what exactly we can do for a client.

3. Proposal Tracking System:

eProposal’s tracking system, which we can no longer live without! The tool shows you how many times a client has opened your proposal, how long they viewed it, and what page a client spent the most time on. These statistics are amazing because we can see exactly what clients are doing and how they’re interacting with the proposal, so we know exactly when the right time is to follow up with them, which is something a PDF will never give you.To know more, call us now.


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