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How Team Members And Templates Are Beneficial For You To Create Proposals.

Daniel Townsend - Friday, February 15, 2013 - Comments (0)

Proposal management can be a daunting task for any business that sends out multiple proposals each month. When you have multiple people involved in the process, storage and transparency can turn into a huge nightmare for everyone involved. Where do the proposals get stored? Whose computer has the most current proposal templates? And how can proposal performance be analyzed to increase sales?

An online proposal management solution can save your company time, empower new sales intelligence, and increase sales. Firstly, proposal software allows proposals to be created out of a central library of pre-developed templates, improving creation-to-delivery time. Once delivered, proposals are then organized in a central file system that allows for easy access and review at any time. Sales team members and managers will both benefit from this proposal management tool. The sales team becomes empowered to create and deliver custom proposals in record time and instantly access any past proposals for review. Also, managers will have complete transparency into all proposals being created and delivered allowing for better sales intelligence and decision making.

A great sales proposal should begin with a well-crafted proposal template. Proposal templates can save you time and offer a strong foundation for building winning sales proposals.

Focus on honing your sales templates to truly communicate the pain-solving quality of your product or service. If your proposal template can successfully convince your customer that they will experience less pain if they purchase your product, then half the battle is won. A well-developed sales proposal template should be seen as a foundation element in your sales workflow.

Few examples for effective proposal template content include:

a) Client testimonials

b) Case studies

c) Awards your product / service has won

d) Pricing comparisons with your competitors

e) Clear call to action

One reason why Proposal templates are important is that they save time. If you invest in crafting a template that you are proud of, then moving from that template to a custom sales proposal then becomes a few simple steps.

With eIntelli, you can create and save powerful proposal templates that incorporate video and other rich media and can make your sales proposal templates really stand out above the crowd.


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