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How Entrepreneurs Can Shed Off All Inhibitions And Apprehensions Of Getting Done A Well Drafted Proposal.

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Proposal writing is never too easy that is why I am writing this blog to help those entrepreneurs who can’t afford to hire a person just to make proposals for them. I am going to outline all the main points required in creating a proposal and things you should consider when creating a proposal.

Why do you want a proposal?

First of all you need to know one thing that there are different types of proposals. And it isn’t different writing them just the body and the purpose could be different but the overall format and structure of the proposal would be more or less the same.

The goal of my proposal is to get a construction deal. And the proposal I will teach you would be the one delivered to someone outside the organization.

The Plan of a Proposal

When you write a proposal or any kind of formal/technical communication, there are three things you should consider.

Who am I going to present the proposal?  You need to keep in mind for whom are you creating the proposal. You should have a good idea about how your audience is and does they have a good idea about what you are proposing and how would it be done.

What is it that the client is getting from the proposal?  The main purpose of the proposal is to get it approved and get the deal closed. The reader should not get confused as to what you are offering. The best way to do that is to keep the offer up front and the details later on in the proposal.

How do you confirm that the client understood what you are proposing? For that you must get into the clients shoes. Make them read what they really want to. Avoid things that you think they won’t want to read. Get someone else to read it first. And make sure that the reader has the same reaction as you wish your client to have.

Proposal style

1. Proposal writing style is the same as any other type of formal writing. To make you proposal effective try keeping these points in mind.

2. Clearly make the purpose visible to the reader.

3. Provide some background details that you think are important for the client to know.

4. Language plays a very important role so try and keep it simple for others to understand.

5. Use precise and to the point wording.

6. Done let the client get confused in rubbish information.

7. Provide every single detail that you think would matter in decision making.

Create/Draft a proposal

Now you have got a basic idea as to how formal communication is done. Now I will show you the specs for writing an effective proposal. Proposal is either accepted or rejected you obviously want it to get accepted. To help this make possible we will further work on these six points mentioned below

1. Proposal is the solution of an ongoing problem now your proposal should consist of one. You have to make sure to insure that you make your client believe that you know the problem and can easily help him out with your solution. Your whole proposal should be concentrated towards the problem and an effective solution.

2. Never think that you are the only one proposing. Your aim should be to make believe the client that yours is the best solution to his problem. Never be over confident about your solution that they will think is the best. Make it look the best as a reader’s point of view.

3. Do your research thoroughly.If you can then try and provide your reader with some examples and facts or old projects that would convince him and make him believe in you and your services more. Don’t try to put your opinion in the proposal that never helps. The best way to do is to research other articles regarding your topic and extract information from there.

4. You should make sure to provide enough data in your proposal to make sure you solution works. First make sure for yourself that the solution is possible. Try it before submitting the proposal on a small scale and provide examples. You might need to revise your solution before submitting.

5. The cost summary should be logical. Consider your client and its company what is there worth and are they strong enough to afford your solution. Explain properly why your solution is worth their time and money. 

6. Your proposal should be very attractive. When you complete the proposal think if it is enough attractive that when you submit it to the client he/she would want to read it?

I hope you have enjoyed reading my article on proposals.  I think with all this information it would be easy for you to start writing a proposal. For better proposal writing in less time and effectively visit and join us now! 


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