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Getting An Edge Over Your Competitors Through Online Proposals

Daniel Townsend - Thursday, January 31, 2013 - Comments (0)

Is proposal writing easy? Do you meet your client’s dead line on delivering the proposal? Are verbal deals effective enough to get you good contracts? Business proposals are the best ways of organized communication. It has a well-defined structure which is understood by everyone in business.

Nowadays every company focuses on good proposal writing skills that a business or sales person should have. There are no verbal sales call anymore proper written quotation are needed in order to get business deals closed. But who would let you do that efficiently? Who would allow you to get e-signatures on your proposals? Who would let you view the activities of your proposals?

The client has a lot of options on his table in terms of proposals so yours should be well designed and well managed so that your customer would easily get a look on the proposal cause if its complex he won’t do all the effort to go through it and Eintelli is here to help you with that only. We make sure that you get what you want from your proposal with top of the line developers and designers we have designed the easiest proposal making software.

Eintelli online proposal making software helps you to create and manage proposal in a fraction of your time with less effort required and provides ease to your sales force. It provides you with all the tools required for you to write an effective proposal.

Eintelli a new business proposal writing software with all the top of the line feature including 24/7 customer support and e-signature that allows your potential customer to agree to the proposal within his own environment. And we provide the best pricing packages that you can get for proposal writing.

Eintelli helps you create proposal easily and efficiently with its library feature that saves previous content blocks so that you could use it in other proposals and don’t have to start from the scratch. With our dashboard option you can keep a track on how much you proposal is viewed and forwarded among potential customers and competitors.

The number of sample proposals available in Eintelli is more than 50 that almost caters every type of business working in this market that even makes it easier for a new firm to compete with its competitors on efficient proposal writing.

With the help of video and images you can easily convey your message to the customer about how will you complete the task and what the finish product would look like. Customer service is helping you 24/7 to make good proposals without any errors so that you don’t miss the contract.

All the team members can view and edit the proposal so that each and every department can mention its own work the proper way and communicates there expertise well. Eintelli will help you in all the possible ways you can imagine for you to make your proposal look more effective and it will help your client to easily get a look on what you are providing and what the costing summary and you can get immediate feedback from the customer if he/she is interested in your proposal or not. And with e-signature you can even get them to online accept the proposal so that the work wont delay and no physical interaction would be needed.


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