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Five Ways To Draft A Better Online Proposal.

Brad McCrory - Thursday, February 21, 2013 - Comments (0)

There are five ways to create a better business proposal. Organization, highlighting the bullet points, images and visual addition, personality and use simple words. In my business experience I have come across these simple tips to create a more influential proposal.

1. Organization: When writing a proposal you should be careful about the fact that your proposal shouldn’t be lengthy so that the client gets bored or loses interest. You must have a table of content and the pages should be numbered so that reader may skip those sections which they are not interested in and directly get into what they are looking for.

2. Highlighting and Bulleted Points: When submitting a proposal you should keep in mind that the client has a lot of others proposals too, so if you don’t make your proposal effective he/she might not even review it properly. We suggest that you must break up your information into bulleted points to make it is easy to read and highlight all the important parts so that the client can easily go through you proposal in less time.

3. Images and Visual Additions: You don’t want your proposal so colorful and full of pictures that the client thinks it’s really weird/freaky but some pictures here and there could be beneficial for your customer’s review, he will get a better idea as to what you are offering and how the end product would be. You might consider which areas of your proposal could really benefit from a quality image.

4. Personality: When writing a proposal you should be very careful with the tone you maintain while writing. You should always add your personality in the proposal a little bit like something entertaining so that it may not be boring and plus some humor can be really beneficial for you to get the order. You must let the client be frank and easy to speak. Allow your unique personality to shine in the proposal.

5. Use Simple Words: This might go against your natural instinct to create a smart-sounding, professional proposal, but it’s important to keep the proposal as simple as possible. Don’t use the word ‘meritorious’ when you could use the word ‘worthy.’ You want the proposal to sound professional, but with a friendly tone, as if you’re simply speaking to a colleague you respect and like. This makes it much easier to read than if the reviewer is wading through words that are three inches long on a page. Filling the proposal full of these long words can also make it come off as pompous or arrogant.

When you really write your proposal from the heart and rely on your experience and skill, it will stand out.


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