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How to get your firm moving in this competitve environment

Daniel Townsend - Friday, March 22, 2013 - Comments (0)

If you know your organization is service based then you should definitely read this article. As you would have known that proposal writing is not easier and in this type of competitive environment you need a tool that does all the hard work and gets you the best proposal in few minutes. By everything it just does not mean the writing style and content management, you should be able to send proposals online and get them accepted too.

There is a real growth in the number of RFPs being received and different questions that are asked in them. And this creates more problems for you like you haven’t had enough by just creating a simple proposal that they are making it more complex. The people most affected by this are some huge firms or a proposal or content writer of a small organization.

Now that the cost/expenses are increasing people want less employees in there firm but have to hire a lot because of the proposal and sales presentation process. It reacts in a way that you have to further look down to their productivity and efficiency.

And considering the time that is taken in creating a proposal is a lot so you might not take the responsibility of doing it because in some circumstances you couldn’t complete and it might come to haunt you plus you would be the person responsible for losing the client or the deal.

There are tools in the market that help you in creating a better proposal in less time and effectively. It just requires a trust in technology. To succeed you don’t have to do a lot, you just have to sign up for a proposal software like eIntellli and add just one proposal, save content and whenever someone asks for a proposal you just edit it according to their requirement and you are ready to go.

Plus if you think this is not worth it and do not suggest it to the employees you might be moving backwards in this competitive times and in this competitive world. So you might just get an online tool and get benefit with it in creating proposals and let other employees also get benefit from it saving time and be more resourceful other times.


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