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Create Stunning Proposals In Less Time That Convert Higher

Brad McCrory - Monday, January 28, 2013 - Comments (0)

Where can you create great business proposals in less time? Is your company empowered by the latest proposal software tools? The business proposal software evolution is here, and your company could be benefiting from time efficiency, easy-to-use online proposal creation solution. Our eIntelli eProposal application will help transforming your attached-to-email proposals into dynamic, media rich, web-based proposals that your clients will love. Your clients will be awe struck by this new breed of proposal, and your offering will automatically stand out far above the crowd. Not only will you create a better proposal experience for your clients, but this software will also empower you to analyze which recipients have viewed and spent time interacting with your proposal, giving your proposal development team yet another powerful edge over your competitors.

The sales function was never easy. It takes time and effort to find and agree clients, and one of the most difficult parts can be the actual sales proposal. Each document has to be designed according to each client, which requires a lot of time trying to figure out what information to use and where exactly it is. Even with the ability to send PDFs through email, you never know did the client receive the proposal, not to mention whether or not they’ll even be able to open it.

eIntelli eProposal helps creating proposals faster but effectively and efficiently with all the latest features. You may not be thinking that online proposal tool’s aren’t result oriented for clients but you don’t realize that nowadays everyone roams around on the internet making this world a global village which helps in many ways but also creates a lot of competition and with a new business started you want your proposal to be better than others because the client has a lot of options and they can be better too. You want your proposal to reach on time and have all the important information highlighted so that it won’t take a lot of time to review and at the same time convey the whole message. But the question is where can you find such services?

In eIntelli you get an intelligent proposal making software with a lot of features for you to create the best e-proposal. There are a lot of features in the market that others are providing but eintelli has some unique features that isn’t found  in other software’s, like:  e-signature, Theme Changer, Images, Videos, 24/7 customer service and proper stats as to how much your proposal is being viewed and forwarded. Proposal making is never easy epically where you have to mention everything in the proposal like executive summary and introduction to the company but here you can easily save previous contents in the library and use them as much you want.

You can also get e-signatures through so that you don’t have to meet the client and at the same time get the proposal accepted. With our customer service you can get assistance if you get stuck anywhere. The theme option lets you change the back ground and font color to your personal requirements like company theme. With images and videos you can easily convey your message as to how your finish product would look like.

The category option lets you arrange you proposals according to the market you cater if you are in multiple businesses. With our dashboard you can easily get a look on whether your proposal is being viewed or not. You can easily let your sales team be a part of you proposal making with different ids of the same account so everyone know what you are offering. Sounds Interesting? Reach us to know more.


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