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Considering The Psychological Aspect Of A Consumer While Writing A Proposal.

Brad McCrory - Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - Comments (0)

To all of our blog subscribers, by now you must have already a know how about the do’s and don’ts while drafting a proposal with the help of our eIntelli eProposal Application.  An important reminder, emphasis shouldn’t be on who you are and what you can do, rather you should be more focused upon the customer’s needs and wants. If you are considering all that we have discussed so far when creating a proposal, you are probably writing a better proposal already. Sometimes when you know the client really well and have been sharing a good relation with him, he still wants you to write a proposal for him, chances are you aren’t writing the proposal for the right person and this may lead to your proposal get rejected/declined or have been asked to review the proposal again and again.

What if you are right but you are not writing for the right person, then what? It’s all about the client and his problem, kind of solution you are catering him, is it the best or is there any better solution to the clients problem.  The main problem is when the buying decision is not 100% exclusive to one person there are different people involved with different perspective and viewpoints you should consider that when writing a proposal and cater all the need of all the people involved while taking the buying decision.

For example, if your proposal is for small entrepreneur. Even if he/she said that they have the total power over decision making and even though they do, they always consider keeping their sales and IT on board. You won’t have enough information catering the sales staff and their needs.

To make sure you don’t make such mistakes you should make sure to ask such questions like “who would be impacted by this decision?” “How are we supposed to address their concerns?” a brief talk with that concerned person could really help you create a better proposal and get it into considering before hitting the black hole.

It is not necessary that your proposal should be based on the whole committee. You just create a section catering their needs like “system integration” or “training” for their concern.

When writing a proposal you should first get yourself in the buyer’s shoes, in that case you should first think about what would your decision pattern be. Even though you are a department head you would always consider you colleagues to make sure you look at every possible angle and to build support for the change you are implementing as they say two minds are better than one. So when drafting a proposal make sure to get all the details that should be covered in the proposal to gain everyone’s interest. This may sound like a lot of work but believe me this is the way you can get a deal closed much faster.


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