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Big Reasons Why Proposals Sink And How You To Avoid Using eIntelli eProposal Application.

Brad McCrory - Wednesday, April 03, 2013 - Comments (0)

Proposal helps to get yourself through the company door, because not only it gives you an opportunity to win a deal but also allows you to be competitive amongst other competitors. Take a look below to know why you should spend no less time in proposals than more on getting new clients who are apprehensive about investing upfront.

1) Many businesses request for proposals and they get a lot of response. So the chances are when you send a proposal, yours won’t be accepted and the reason for that is you don’t know what their basis for decision is because there is always a chance that someone is cheaper than you and has more experience. This is not the only reason for you denial, you don’t have any idea about how your information in the proposal is perceived and you have got no chance to rectify your mistake.

2) There are a lot of organizations that send out RFP’s but they already have made a final decision about their favorite company. So you might be applying for something that you have no chance of winning for.

3) When drafting a proposal it takes a lot of time and you aren't even sure if you would get the order or not. So it’s like you might spend all of this time and resource getting a new client or an old client to further deal with it who doesn't ask for such upfront investments.

4) Proposal writing takes a lot of your billable time and replaces it with a lot of unbillable time. I know business growth is important but through proposals it’s like you aren't even sure if it would happen or not.

With all of that said if you work for service based organization or own one you can only grow your business through proposal writing. So I will help you with 5 ways to generate proposals in an automated way.

1) Use a proposal tool that you are familiar with or know is easy to use.

Proposals should be very presentable because as they say first impression is the last impression. So you should have a perfect proposal tool the one like we use (eIntelli eProposal Application) that would give the perfect look to your business. Like our proposal software already take cares of the layout and format of the proposal that could save a lot of time. So the only thing you have to do is just add you company logo and some images you want. And if you want a custom based design layout you can have that too through eIntelli.

2) Add some relevant info that you think would be used in every proposal you send.

Our tool has a library option through which you can save info and use it again later, you could simply add the front of your proposal through this like the company bio and mission/vision statement all the key staff members and stuff like that so that you don’t have to generate it every time and lose so much of your time.

3) Create a section in which you just need to change out element before sending the proposal.

There are times when you draft proposal to show proofs in particular industry so you should probably draft a section regarding that and just add images that you think are really beneficial for this client and you can just add photos and you are done with this section too.

4) Templates regarding different industries.

Like in our firm we do business with a lot of different industries like healthcare to education so you should have proper templates designed and saved which would later help you out in saving so much of your time and energy.

5) Draft cost summaries.

If you have been in business long form now you might have faced some client that want a cost estimate beforehand so you can create that on the basis of you previous projects or any accounting software by just editing it a little, when the clients need you can get ready for an estimate in an hour.


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