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Basic Elements Of A Persuasive Proposal

Daniel Townsend - Thursday, March 07, 2013 - Comments (0)

Writing persuasive proposals needs understanding of the term. I call it a persuasive proposal because that is what exactly your proposal has to be. It must convince the reader that you're the best person as a proposer.

A persuasive proposal can be segregated into 3 major parts:

1. Statement of Problem - A persuasive proposal would lead with a problem statement like this one: In recent times, Company XYZ has witnessed a significant increase in competition .These new competitors have lucrative service points that are luring some of XYZ’s Company's long time customers.…

Try realizing the real area of problem here. If you fail to understand the prospect's problem, then why would they be confident about you for finding them a solution? Very meticulously, during the process of interview, you’ll need to fight out the real challenge before you can write an effective problem statement.

2. Solution Proposed - Now that you are well equipped with this knowledge, you're ready to offer a solution: Company XYZ needs to redesign service points with fresh new ideas to ensure existing customers are kept, and new ones are converted. To recapture the market from new competitors, the service design must implement a marketing strategy entirely focused on this goal.

A solution should be simple, precise and most importantly it must directly address the prospect's problem.

3. Pricing Information - The last piece of a persuasive proposal is the pricing information. You want to make this information easy to digest, so keep it high level. From a typography point of view, it's best to place it in a grid. This is usually known as the Fee Summary section. Depending on the length of the project you might want to tie payments to specific milestones. This would be included in a section called Fee Schedule.

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