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Achieve Economic Benefits By Using eIntelli eProposal Application

Brad McCrory - Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - Comments (0)

One of the methods to win business deals from companies are through proposal writing. In this era more and more companies are moving towards the trend of getting proposals for closing deals. And on the other hand the companies which are offering proposal can’t meet deadlines and complete proposal in the given time. So they are moving towards a more automated way for generating proposals like online proposal conversion software’s. Through which you can make it more efficiently and effectively.

There is of course a fees involved-annual fees or maintenance charges fees. But let me tell you proposal is the only way nowadays to generate profit/revenue so the fees that you are paying is nothing in comparison to what you can achieve from it plus the hard work that is being done automatically and the time you save could be used some other place where it is more important.

The person drafting the proposal works under deadlines that makes him stressed out and may reduce efficiency. If you don’t work on any kind of proposal software you should consider using one from now on because all the content management and proposal quality suffers with the old way of proposal conversion and most of these result in losing the deal.

You should focus on one of the important things that your proposal is being viewed by a couple of people and no one invests their money without looking into it with detail, so a minor mistake can cause you a loss of the deal.

If your proposal team is working in the same old mode of copy pasting the material and does not maintain the previous content, this could be a whole lot of work plus it consumes a lot of time, whereas online proposal software allows you to keep database like library where you can save all the important content and use it on the go in a couple of seconds.

When copy pasting the content you might have heard that your material isn’t genuine even if your work is. Your proposal isn’t presentable enough and you know how sales work, you have to focus on presenting the product very good. So in stress of meeting deadline, you cannot give your best and create the best proposal. Plus with all those viewing options you can keep a good track as to where your proposal is, what is its status, did the client view it. If yes which content did he view the most and what you should consider about speaking in the next meeting?

For small entrepreneur, time saved is very good because then the proposal writers can focus on different things. With both tracking and reporting of proposal activity and library usage, you can satisfy the clients need very well. With all those templates for you to use you can easily draft proposal in minutes and save a lot of time on writing or thinking about what to write and how to make it more presentable and effective.

Well the bottom line of is that online proposal software isn’t that expensive and gives you a whole lot of benefits that you can use to grow your business easily and gain the clients trust. And if you consider the price to be high just keep in mind about all the features involved in the software.


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