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A Final Countdown.. eIntelli eProposal Application, Ready With Its New Releases, Is Donning The Newest Suite To Reach The Zenith.

Denis D. - Thursday, April 11, 2013 - Comments (0)

One more feather in the cap! Another milestone achieved! Wondering what?

At the stroke of every second,eIntelli eProposal Application is inching closer to launch with a gamut of new , exciting and world class features.

 With the advent of so many competitors one needs to create best of the best proposals to beat the competition and close business deals. Time is very essential while writing a proposal and the better you  manage time better your proposal walks the periphery and breach your customers mind . Are you in search of a multi-format online proposal writing software?Here we have,the eIntelli eProposal Application - a powerful proposal writing tool offering to save a lot of your time besides helping to create an astounding proposal and mesmerizes your prospect giving you an opportunity to edge past your competitors.

Catch a glimpse of some of the salient features covered in our latest release:

1.       Proposal Dashboard and Analytics:
       a. Reports by Proposal Status
       b. Reports by Month

    2.  Creating a new Proposal by following methods conveniently:
                  a. Upload doc or pdf and our conversion team will convert it for you for first time
                  b. Use templates offered by eIntelli application
                  c. Create New from scratch by just adding category and client info with proposal amount

    3.  Add or Edit Proposal Using Content Blocks:
a. Create SECTIONS in proposal
b. Drag and drop a rich text editor content block within a section
c. drag and drop page break for pdf publishing
d. drag and drop video block and embed code to dynamically view a video (web-view of proposal only, for pdf - it could only a description that can be added in content block)
e. AUTOSAVE - no hassle to keep saving proposal manually
f. Edit ANY content block you by just visiting any section

4. Library:

                  a. Re-use content blocks to any of your proposal by just drag and drop the content block

                  b. Content block can be added to the library during editing the proposal

    5. Preview Proposal: Take a look how your proposal would look like after publishing.

    6. Publish Proposal:
                  a. Publish over web and share the url
                  b. Publish over web and notify your customers to visit the proposal
                  c. Publish the proposal and let your customer ACCEPT and REJECT the proposal by just clicking the                          button
                  d. Customer can comment and further discuss after publishing your proposal

     7. Basic Collaboration: Invite team members to contribute in your proposal.

     8. Customize your proposal theme and brand your identity over your proposal: Add Logo, customize the colors, look and feel and brand the entire proposal ranging from font, headings, images, background and foreground look and feel.

     9. Online Chat and Email Support

    10. Customize currency for proposal amount

    11. Complementary support on first five proposals


Stage 1: Create/Conceive - New Proposal, Add Proposal, Add contact/client, Add Categories, Add team members, Add Proposal Title/Amount and Make Proposal in canvas using content blocks and/or library

Stage 2: Publish & Send - Preview, Web view, PDF outputs; Send via URL, send via Email, share the url, let customer accept/reject and comment back

Stage 3: Manage & Optimize: Know the winning rate: Proposals' Dashboard and Proposals grid; interact with customers via commenting to gain more control; collaborate with other users; reuse content block through library for more proposals and save time in making proposal; focus to numbers and sales conversion etc.

Hold your breath,pull up your socks,roll up your sleeves,fasten your seat belts...,our endeavour and enthough to induce you with awareness and cautions is endless at this juncture. Visit OR Call us at 888-661-3361 .




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