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What are the best types of Business Proposal? Online or Document Based?

Daniel Townsend - Monday, November 05, 2012

Connectivity is a key to canvassing business. Connectivity of the chosen media defines business network. Today, Internet has set the benchmark of expanse of connectivity. The Internet media edges over various other media like the print, radio and TV in building connectivity. The internet is the only two-way traffic media. It is perceived as a boon by marketers. This has pitched every brick and mortar business to jump on the Internet bandwagon. So, which is the best type of business– document or online.

Communication and media work in tandem. Chosen Media defines communication effectiveness. Effective communication delivers the message, efficiently. Efficiently message delivered brings desired results. If it brings desired results you are assured of having delivered the message, successfully. But when the situation isn’t as desired there is communication gap. Seldom does any of one-way media give you any instant feedback. But Internet allow to vent, instantaneously. So, what do you do for a Business Proposals which has to says all.

Business proposals are one of the best ways of organized communication. It has a well-defined structure which is understood by everyone in business. Your executive summary, solution or offering to the problem, expected deliverable and benefits, cost to you and to the client, ROI, compliance requirements, organization profile, team profile, testimonials have their place pre-defined. It saves your time as well as that of the clients. While he is well-informed of the few of the elements and needs to know from the horse’s mouth his focus on the uninformed can be availed enough time. So you know where to work on the proposal more and devote you time more.

Business proposals assure an insider, who might have approached with RFP to take the process of securing your business ahead. Thus when he is quizzed, he has all the required details to provide a logical conclusion for possible selection as a deliverer. Thus it makes your task more than convenient and comfortable for a walkthrough. Thus you are assured of consideration for business. You understand where you benefits if you have a business proposal written.

An online business proposal gives many an advantages over document based business proposal. It is remains live on the computer or the net and is easy to access and convenient to tweak at will. It gives you an opportunity to improve your proposals and therefore on your solutions to your client. A document based once said leave you no scope for any improvement. You can quickly pull in a template to make your Online Proposals which is seldom possible with a document based proposals. An online business proposal scores over a document proposal on composition, communication, and conversion.

eIntelli’s eProposal online business proposal writing software is one such software which allows you to make a proposal within fraction of time. It’s feature of business intelligent helps you to complete the communication loop with your potential client. It keeps a tab on the statistics on the viewer, viewing, editing, and forwarding by your client. What more are you looking for if you haven’t chosen eIntelli.

Study: eIntelli eProposal Helps Technology Businesses Weather the Economic Storm

Daniel Townsend - Monday, November 05, 2012

A recent study conducted by DePaul University MBA students looked at how the economy has affected the local technology sector. After interviewing sales and business development managers for top Chicago software development, online marketing, and graphic design firms the results were unexpected.

The number of proposals submitted is down only slightly an average of 2%-4%. This signals that demand has only slightly waned.

However, while proposal submissions are only slightly down, conversion rates have plummeted. Scott S. the owner of a Chicago web design company says, "Our conversion rate has dropped 22% since this time last year. Our small business customers are looking for the cheapest price for their technology needs We're losing bids to offshore shops and unqualified freelancers, and that's only the customers that we hear back from."

Scott states that once his sales team submits a proposal, the follow-up conversation is becoming just as hard as getting in the door. "In today's economy, small businesses are getting bids from 5+ tech companies when before it was 2 or 3."

Scott's company has since become part of an exclusive list of beta users for eProposal and their conversion rate has increased 11% during the first month of use!

And that is not the only benefit, to learn more about how eIntelli eProposal can help your business click here. :- Proposal Management Software

Top 5 ways you can save time creating Business Proposals

Brad McCrory - Monday, November 05, 2012


"Your time is a valuable resource" says Bill Gates Time is valuable resource of business, time is money, are all sayings that everyone has heard. The amount of money creates time in business. Time is a prime resource at your disposal. You cannot afford to dispose the resource of time at will. It is a nature's gift to humankind which needs to be saved. When you save time you create more time for your business. You create more value for your business.

One of the best ways to save time in business is to get organized. Simply the more organized you are the more time you have to create value for the business. The best ways to get organized in business is to develop skilled support for the various functions you do for your business. An organizational support tool adds quality and thus creates value and saves the immeasurable time which you could only realize when you are left without a skilled support. A Proposal Writing Software eIntelli can give you that support.

A second factor that proves a time saver for business is efficient communications. Thus, in communications in small business or corporate, a proposal writing software like eIntelli proves an effective tool of organized communication, eIntelli’s products takes the burden of doing the tedious parts of writing of proposals for you.

A forth way to save time creating a business is using the greatest resource available today the Internet. The Internet is smashing all barriers created by communities, countries and nations and ideologies is because of its ease of use and universal access. It has helped us create flat world and a global village crunching everything on to a few key punches of our fingertips. It has been proven without a doubt that mass communication via the internet is key for a business to survive today. Therefore, a Proposal Writing Software Tool such as eIntelli provides online publication of your proposal and saves immense time for small business to outreach a wider audience.

Another way to save time is to get all your info standardized. Armed with all information organized and standardized, time and money is saved. However, you would need even something more to write a proposal, formats. eIntelli proposal writing software comes with templates saving time further. It direct where you need place and how to place your information to realize the essence of organized communication for small business and corporate alike for every kind of business.

Your effort to be involved in organized communication as writing a proposal after your due understanding of the prospective customers’ problem doesn’t leave you with free time unless you have some kind of feedback on the proposal. eIntelli proposal writing software closes the loop of business communication for you. It keeps a tab on the statistics of editing, printing, viewing and forwarding by your customer. How important is it for redesigning your strategies when you are called for a presentation?

Thus a business proposal leaves you enough time to look to other opportunities on anvil and leaves your business opportunity to incubate, in spite of your absence and stands to gain value for your business to grow.

eIntelli eProposal Helps you close the deal with a Winning Proposal

Brad McCrory - Monday, November 05, 2012


So, you have this blue chip prospective client that you want to close. This client is not only important for your company but also another notch in your career. The only thing that stands between you and this client is a winning proposal. You now start to ask your team many questions….

How do we write a Winning Proposal? Do we have all the information? What information is the client most likely to resonate with? Do you have the information for inclusion sorted out for the proposal? Do you have a draft ready? Have you made the abstract or the executive summary? Do you have relevant testimonials and references?

Winning proposals writing is just not a one go affair. It is tweaking every moment from the beginning of proposal writing to taking it to a winning proposal. Still you are not assured of taking a winning proposal to the client if you perfected the technicals of the proposal but not created a proposal to fit the customer schema. The Customer schema is problem for which he is seeking a solution but is not ready to accept that your solution to his problem. That is when you realize you have understand the customer’s problem as he has picturized it. Hence you solution should again fit his problem as he sees it. Your proposal writing should take it the brink of the only solution to make a winning proposal.

When you have decided to do all that of taking your proposal as document of solutions to his problem you have definitely created a winning proposal. During the whole process of tweaking the proposal to creating a winning proposal you could have definitely been comfortable if the basics of proposal writing were to be taken care of.

eIntelli, the proposal is a suite of online software for proposal writing which keeps you at the ease of taking care of the layout, provides you templates, helps you pull in logo designs, and also provides you the content module. Don’t you have someone who fills the gap of support when you are slicing the gap of a proposal to a winning proposal. Are you assured you could create winning proposal with the proposal writing software.

Any doubts there that eIntelli doesn’t offer something more for creating a winning proposal. Get the statistics of the tab of editing, printing, viewing and forwarding by your customer for your information to refine the proposal or be prepared for feedback. Does it sound wise to graduate to eIntelli?