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A Few Tips To Make A Better Online Business Proposal.

Brad McCrory - Friday, February 15, 2013

Business proposals are never too easy and needs from you to have proper skills and knowledge about how a proposal should be made and presented. We here at eIntelli eProposal software help you create proper online business proposal.

eInetlli eProposal gives you all the latest features to develop the best business proposal o nline so that you should be the priority of the customer and when your customer has a couple of options on his/her desk he/she should choose yours and for that purpose we here at eIntelli help you manage and create best proposal.

eIntelli is not only just business proposal creating software it even helps you forwarding the proposal and keeping a track on the proposal to ensure it is being reviewed or not. eIntelli lets you add rich multimedia so that you may enhance your proposal for the customer so that they get a proper picture as to what you are offering as a solution to solve their problem.

There are a lot of small things that should be taken care of while creating a proposal like: the proposal shouldn’t be so long. Once I got a phone call from the client and he was asking that can you please mention as to where is the solution to my problem and please highlight it. I wandered around the bush so much in my proposals that I didn’t make this solution obvious.

The second thing is the cost module. Cost should be highlighted in bold letters and should be strong so that the client has a very proper estimation about how much would the deal cost.

Then there is color or theme if you put so many colors like a rainbow the client would surely run away, you must concentrate on single or 2 colors for your proposal so that it doesn’t look like a cotton candy machine.

There are a lot of small things like this that can make the client just run away. The above mentioned are a few tips as to how you can manage and create better business proposals through

Our eIntelli eProposal Application does not only focuses in getting new customers but also our focus is on retaining old customers and that could be only done by after sales services, so we provide a 24/7live customer service that helps you get your proposal more and more effective.

eInetlli is the solution to all your proposal relating problems. Come at and give it a try, we are offering a 14 day free trial with free customer support ready to convert your existing proposals.

How Team Members And Templates Are Beneficial For You To Create Proposals.

Daniel Townsend - Friday, February 15, 2013

Proposal management can be a daunting task for any business that sends out multiple proposals each month. When you have multiple people involved in the process, storage and transparency can turn into a huge nightmare for everyone involved. Where do the proposals get stored? Whose computer has the most current proposal templates? And how can proposal performance be analyzed to increase sales?

An online proposal management solution can save your company time, empower new sales intelligence, and increase sales. Firstly, proposal software allows proposals to be created out of a central library of pre-developed templates, improving creation-to-delivery time. Once delivered, proposals are then organized in a central file system that allows for easy access and review at any time. Sales team members and managers will both benefit from this proposal management tool. The sales team becomes empowered to create and deliver custom proposals in record time and instantly access any past proposals for review. Also, managers will have complete transparency into all proposals being created and delivered allowing for better sales intelligence and decision making.

A great sales proposal should begin with a well-crafted proposal template. Proposal templates can save you time and offer a strong foundation for building winning sales proposals.

Focus on honing your sales templates to truly communicate the pain-solving quality of your product or service. If your proposal template can successfully convince your customer that they will experience less pain if they purchase your product, then half the battle is won. A well-developed sales proposal template should be seen as a foundation element in your sales workflow.

Few examples for effective proposal template content include:

a) Client testimonials

b) Case studies

c) Awards your product / service has won

d) Pricing comparisons with your competitors

e) Clear call to action

One reason why Proposal templates are important is that they save time. If you invest in crafting a template that you are proud of, then moving from that template to a custom sales proposal then becomes a few simple steps.

With eIntelli, you can create and save powerful proposal templates that incorporate video and other rich media and can make your sales proposal templates really stand out above the crowd.

eIntelli eProposal Application And Creating Good Online Proposals?

Brad McCrory - Friday, February 15, 2013

What do you understand when someone say good eProposals? Are they some sort of already made proposals that you just need to buy and start working on with?

No! eProposals are just like any normal handmade proposals the only feature different is that it is created on the world wide web. Now you’d be thinking how this is beneficial for my firm how would I get return from it. But let me tell you eIntelli eProposlas software won’t be a liability to you it would be an asset that would keep on giving.

But how? Right? If it’s no different from any other proposal then how is it beneficial how can you say it’s an asset right? Let me tell you eIntelli has a lot of features that would make you crazy like first of all we have a proposal conversion team for you that would convert your already existing proposal plus our proposal statistics are really cool you can always keep a track to where your proposals is what is its status and when do you need to go back and contact the client again.

eIntelli has a variety of different templates that help you generate effective proposal these different templates come from different industry so the one catering your industry you just need to edit a little and forward it to the client that could save you a whole lot of time and money cause in business time is money.

The team here at eIntelli is so dedicated, they want you to get a good grip on the software and for that they provide you customer assistance 24/7. There is this feature which allows the customer to agree and accept the proposal through home only through e-signature so eIntelli does not only provide help to you but your clients too.

eIntelli is not like other software’s providing you with this service it is totally unique it gives you leverage to add your team members so that creating proposals isn’t the difficult you just create your part accordingly and every dept. would do their respective parts making the work easy and in less time.

Plus you can add theme colors according to your company theme which make proposals more and more comfortable.

Proposals are a very  formal and efficient way to increase sales but customizing proposals for each client is a lot of time consuming but with eIntelli eProposal software you can do that so easily like in a couple of minutes saving hours of hard work and pain.

This is the best for new entrepreneurs as they look for just sales they don’t really know how to make it happen and this software would really help them flourish there business and take it to next level.

So get started on eInetlli, take your business ahead increasing profit margin and save your time through eIntelli eProposal application. We are providing a 14 day free trial, please take a sneak peek at

What is eIntelli eProposal Application?

Daniel Townsend - Friday, February 15, 2013

Do you have any idea how this simple business proposal application can take your business to the next level?

eIntelli eProposal Application is in the soft core beta version for now and would be launched with a payment module very soon. You can use its free version for now with most of the feature so that you can get a better idea as to how the application works.

Before you buy our premium package we want our customers to get a full grip on the software so that they can easily start using the application as soon as they purchase the package and experience the 5 tips for a killer business proposal through eIntelli eProposal.

An effective business proposal can be enough to win you your next deal or project. It can be what differentiates you from the pack. Here are some tips to help you knock your next business proposal out of the park.

1. Know What Your Customer Needs.

Your proposal shouldn’t be centered on your fantastic products or benefits of working with your firm. It should focus on addressing your customer’s needs. What problems does he have? How can your company solve the problems?

Sometimes the customer doesn’t get specific about his needs, and you have to read between the lines. For example, if you’re a web design firm and your client says he wants more sales, what he really needs, at least from you, is more visitors. That you can achieve with a well-designed site.

2. Keep it Simple.

You can find dozens of proposal templates online, but stick to the basics. You’ll need to include:

a) An overview of your company

b) The goals you want to help the client achieve

c) An outline of how you'll achieve those goals

d) A timeline for getting it done

e) Pricing

f) Policies, such as cancellation

g) Contact information

3. Get Professional

You can modify any number of business proposal templates online, or you can use software like, which allows you to modify proposal modules and email the finished product directly to your clients.

Once you create your own business template (meaning it’s got the same information you’ll use on hundreds of proposals), you can hang on to it and modify it for each client proposal you put together.

4. Keep Them on Their Toes

Business proposals don’t have to be boring. Don’t be afraid to inject a little of your own personality into it (as long as it’s professional). Graphics, too, can spice up a proposal and keep it interesting.

5.   Re-Read it for Errors

So many salespeople pen off a proposal and hit “send” without spell-checking or reading through it one last time. Read it to make sure it’s easy to understand. Keep sentences short. Make sure you define any terms the reader might not know. And of course, make sure there are no grammatical errors! There are few things that will turn a potential client away more than a proposal full of errors.

The key to a killer proposal is doing your homework and making sure you keep the customer at the center of it. Make sure the amount you quote is what you end up charging (sometimes companies update their pricing and forget to update it in the proposal), and clearly outline what the rate includes.

After you present the proposal, make sure you’re available to answer questions and close the sale!

How can eIntelli Help Your Organization Work Effectively?

Daniel Townsend - Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Organization is a very important term in management science. It says that we may lose all the 5Ms of management but if you still have the organization it is easy to regain the 5Ms. The key to practice healthy business is to be organized. When you are organized in business you have everything in place. Systems are best examples of being organized in any business. One could take organization to any extend and benefit through improved efficiency, delivery, and rewards.

When you are organized in business you create time. While time is money in business, by creating time you create money or rather create opportunity to create money. And one can understand the purport of the oft whirled story – “The Mayonnaise Jar and Two Cups of Coffee” in the corporate world on managing time. When you are in business every business process needs allotment of time. The time most consumed in business is the decision making process and their best value can be realized if only when business decision support systems in place which requires tons of time trying to figure out what information to use and where exactly it is. Even with the ability to send PDFs through email, you never know whether or not the client got the proposal, not to mention whether or not they’ll even be able to open it.

eIntelli eProposal Application caters to your business and is not limited to the following most important value additions.

1. Customer Service:

One of the biggest things eIntelli has is its customer service desk that is always there to help you eIntelli responds to their clients as quickly as possible, which is essential when you’re working in sales. eIntelli offers many different avenues to ask for help, such as Get Satisfaction, a customer engagement platform. And, of course, the best part of this is that the faster eInetlli responds to us, the faster we can respond to clients.

2. The Proposal Design:

We also have to give eProposal props to the most important aspect of this online sales proposal system: the proposal itself! When we send out proposals, clients say it looks like we’ve built a whole website for their individual proposal. As one of our sales people said, it’s “beefy.” In addition to allowing tons of different pages, the proposal holds videos and pictures, which does wonders to illustrate what exactly we can do for a client.

3. Proposal Tracking System:

eProposal’s tracking system, which we can no longer live without! The tool shows you how many times a client has opened your proposal, how long they viewed it, and what page a client spent the most time on. These statistics are amazing because we can see exactly what clients are doing and how they’re interacting with the proposal, so we know exactly when the right time is to follow up with them, which is something a PDF will never give you.To know more, call us now.

eIntelli eProposal Presenting You Proposal Library. Create Your Proposal Faster.

Brad McCrory - Friday, February 08, 2013

Overcoming inhibitions in using new tools in your business is easy. The best approach is to find how others are using the tool to their benefit. Getting details through the buzz of new software creating a wave from market is easier. Find how conversion rates are moving up for some your competitors in the market. A prospective client will often have a word or two to convey about the new proposal writing software. Get in touch with the company providing you the new software experts and call for a quote.

No more copy and pasting! Transfer any information from your old proposals into new ones on the fly without keeping several tabs open or going back and forth between two proposals.

The sales process is never easy. It takes time and dedication to find and sign clients, and one of the most difficult parts can be the actual sales proposal. Each document has to be customized for each client.

We always add features to eIntelli to help our users be even more efficient. Some of you might have already noticed that Library appears on the right hand side of the screen while creating or editing proposals and templates.

Content Library works as a repository of content blocks you use most often in your proposals. Be it text, images, HTML, video or a combination of all the elements, you can now conveniently save any block into your Content Library and with a single click add it into other proposals.

If you have already created several proposals and have templates with eIntelli eProposal, great way to quickly populate your Content Library is to go through your templates and proposals, enable Edit mode and add blocks, which you would like to be at hand.

To add blocks into Content Library simply click Add to library buttonYou will notice that new item is available in your Content Library and you can now add it into any proposal or template. Items inherit block’s title as their name.

eProposal proposal writing software is one such software which produces business proposals within a fraction of time. It gives you a palette to tweak your proposal without having you to start from scratch. You begin your proposal writing task in an organized document before you have collected and filled up the requisite information. Therefore, you are assured most proposals are tweaked to the best before they are converted into a business proposal to be presented to the client. This also allows you to produce more business proposal examples under writing, easier. When you have multiple businesses proposal examples to compare you can upscale it between 2-5 and make your way to the winning proposal easy. It also provides business intelligence by helping you keep tab on the statistics of the viewer, viewing, editing and forwarding by your client after submission. Which other tool would you wish to use for your proposal writing for increasing conversion rates, if it could be done by eIntelli.

Know how eIntelli eProposal’s In-Proposal Analytics Add Intelligence to Your Proposal Building.

Brad McCrory - Monday, February 04, 2013

What is a proposal? How do you make one? Who gets to study the proposal? How do you know when it gets reviewed? How do you get to know when is it accepted? Do you have any answer to all these questions?

Proposal is a very effective way of communication plus it is very formal and helps you document each and every little detail to be considered in the deal. But creating proposal at the same time is a very hard job and a lot of time consuming. eIntelli eProposal software helps you do that easily and also save’s a lot of your time.

For a new entrepreneur proposal making is a very difficult task his overall concern is about to make more and more profit for his new business he wants his expenses to be taken care of from the business not his pocket.

Creating proposal through eIntelli is a very easy task if you know it and with eIntelli eProposal you can create proposals through more than 50 templates catering your needs and giving you an edge over your competitors.

Through proposal you can easily portray as to what your business is and how do you manage deals with clients. But creating proposal isn’t that easy if you don’t have proper skills and knowledge of business now hiring someone just to do that could be very expensive.

Instead you could just log into eIntelli and get a premium package for a very reasonable price which will help you create proposals and easily understand it in no time about how proposal can be effective.

Once you are done with the proposal then comes the hard part waiting for the client’s response. What do you think you would do then? How would you get to know if he has gotten a chance to see your proposal? Is he interested or not?

eIntelli helps you easily find out what is the current status of your proposal is it being viewed or is it being forwarded to you competitors. eIntelli helps you get all the feature for a new entrepreneur for creating good effective proposals.

You might be thinking that it won’t be easy for a normal guy to use eIntelli and an IT specialist can only work on the interface but no it’s nothing like that with our drag and drop feature eIntellli becomes a piece of cake for its user. You don’t need to be a IT specialist to use eIntelli plus our customer support is there 24/7 for your help.

Getting An Edge Over Your Competitors Through Online Proposals

Daniel Townsend - Thursday, January 31, 2013

Is proposal writing easy? Do you meet your client’s dead line on delivering the proposal? Are verbal deals effective enough to get you good contracts? Business proposals are the best ways of organized communication. It has a well-defined structure which is understood by everyone in business.

Nowadays every company focuses on good proposal writing skills that a business or sales person should have. There are no verbal sales call anymore proper written quotation are needed in order to get business deals closed. But who would let you do that efficiently? Who would allow you to get e-signatures on your proposals? Who would let you view the activities of your proposals?

The client has a lot of options on his table in terms of proposals so yours should be well designed and well managed so that your customer would easily get a look on the proposal cause if its complex he won’t do all the effort to go through it and Eintelli is here to help you with that only. We make sure that you get what you want from your proposal with top of the line developers and designers we have designed the easiest proposal making software.

Eintelli online proposal making software helps you to create and manage proposal in a fraction of your time with less effort required and provides ease to your sales force. It provides you with all the tools required for you to write an effective proposal.

Eintelli a new business proposal writing software with all the top of the line feature including 24/7 customer support and e-signature that allows your potential customer to agree to the proposal within his own environment. And we provide the best pricing packages that you can get for proposal writing.

Eintelli helps you create proposal easily and efficiently with its library feature that saves previous content blocks so that you could use it in other proposals and don’t have to start from the scratch. With our dashboard option you can keep a track on how much you proposal is viewed and forwarded among potential customers and competitors.

The number of sample proposals available in Eintelli is more than 50 that almost caters every type of business working in this market that even makes it easier for a new firm to compete with its competitors on efficient proposal writing.

With the help of video and images you can easily convey your message to the customer about how will you complete the task and what the finish product would look like. Customer service is helping you 24/7 to make good proposals without any errors so that you don’t miss the contract.

All the team members can view and edit the proposal so that each and every department can mention its own work the proper way and communicates there expertise well. Eintelli will help you in all the possible ways you can imagine for you to make your proposal look more effective and it will help your client to easily get a look on what you are providing and what the costing summary and you can get immediate feedback from the customer if he/she is interested in your proposal or not. And with e-signature you can even get them to online accept the proposal so that the work wont delay and no physical interaction would be needed.

How To Overcome Proposal Writing Mistakes Via eIntelli eProposal Application

Brad McCrory - Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Every new business needs a good proposal writing person/software. Who could help you with such a problem? Who would let you create proposals easily and at the same time the proposal would be effective. 

Newly started business find this really challenging for them to create proper business representation proposal whereas the older and bigger business always use good proposal writing techniques and become the solution to the clients problem.

Fresh entrepreneurs have this problem that where should they look for material for good proposal. Here eintelli plays it roles and provides you with all the features that new entrepreneurs are looking for. Eintelli eproposal making software provides you a variety of different tools for new business men. With the help of a variety of templates you can easily get all the important material for your proposal and because of that your proposal would look more attractive and less time consuming and will get you and edge over other competitors.

Nowadays buyers are having a lot of option on their tables so they look for things like easy to read proposal and less time consuming something that pops up on their pages when they sign in and redirects them to the proposal and go through a faster decision making process. With the help of eintelli eproposal making software you can directly send the link to the buyer and he would be redirected to the page which would easily be seen and later on accepted with the help of an e-signature.Reach us to know more.

New Proposal Templates - A High Value Addition For eProposal Users

Daniel Townsend - Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sales are never too easy. Knowing and catering to customer’s need takes a lot of research and energy. For an entrepreneur, sales proposal creation or drafting a new business proposal from scratch is never too easy, but a template/sample business proposal gives a fully formed structure to the desired business plan and helps creating the perfect business proposal for prospects to read and analyze quickly.

And when you know your competitors are getting better and better as each day surpasses, you should have a good grip on creating business proposals because it is the only way you can increase your sales and increasing sales is the only way to expand business.

Herein, our online proposal development tool, eIntelli eProposal application, helps you a lot by providing over 60+ standard industry specific templates catering and covering all the possible businesses thereby reducing a lot of your hard work in deciding how your proposal should be designed and presented, instead, you have to just enter you company name and required proposal information to get a perfect proposal considerably in a less time that would give you an edge over your competitors and a good impression on your client. See what is more. Test a demo of the Business Proposal Samples software suite on live projects with your existing clients.

A media presentation can make proposals more and more interesting and attractive. eIntelli eProposal application definitely offers a value by allowing to add videos and images into your business proposal and in the process giving a better idea as to what you are offering to client.

Our customer service team being active 24/7, you can get an easy know how as to how eIntelli’s proposal development software works and quickly use all its options to gain more and more benefits in creating a proposal.

In sales, time is of the essence! You have to react fast, be first, and constantly on your client’s radar. With eIntelli eProposal, once you are done creating proposal, you can send it to all your potential clients and from the same platform you have the option to view the statistics of whether or not they have opened and viewed your proposal. With your sales team using eIntelli proposal making software, they can have a look as to whom you are offering what and who’s interested and becoming a potential customer. Call us to help you grow.