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Preliminary Investigation - The Quintessential Phenomena In Proposal Drafting

Brad McCrory - Tuesday, March 26, 2013

As we all know carrying out the activities of business consists a lot of time, and with so much in hand you could easily put away proposal writing. And then when the time comes start drafting your proposal,you realize that it requires a lot more time and research than you thought. You think that you have accomplished so many sales documents so this would be easy too but you don’t know every client is different and asks for different requirements and its very important to consider their every need before submitting the proposal.

You should consider the following before determining the time and energy the project would require:

The most important and the first step of writing a proposal is doing a complete background check or research on the company you are targeting and sending the proposal too. After the first meeting with your potential client, do a quick search on what the person is like and what the company website represents. Then consider if there is anything worth enough to be mentioned in the proposal.

Then in the second part you have to get to know the person you would be working with, you need to know the personality and goals and standards of the client this is very important get the reader to read what they really want to read that gives you a benefit over them. It’s always good to know the people who would be working with you for this project. Because their input plays a very important role in getting the deal closed. Just take out a little time out of your busy schedule and try and understand your colleagues and clients need and you are good to go.

Do you think the client whom you are proposing to is getting quotes from elsewhere too? Its ok to ask the client beforehand if they are taking any quotes from competitors of the same industry. There are some clients who tell you before submitting that who you are competing with if they don’t tell you it’s a general phenomenon that you might have competition and you need to prepare accordingly. So take some time to research about all the possible competitors and briefly describe in your proposal why your solution is the best.

Proposal isn’t that easy that you think. Proofreading is very important in proposal writing. If you make proposal based on several different sections it can be a lot of time creating and then it can take a lot of time proofreading it. You should always hire a second employer who would proofread for you and be very careful about spelling and grammar because it could cost you a lot.

Make sure you spend enough time to do all of this. Creating a proposal can be very lengthy and hectic but it is important for business. So don’t wait for the last minute join eIntelli now to help quicken the process with a variety of interesting features.

How to get your firm moving in this competitve environment

Daniel Townsend - Friday, March 22, 2013

If you know your organization is service based then you should definitely read this article. As you would have known that proposal writing is not easier and in this type of competitive environment you need a tool that does all the hard work and gets you the best proposal in few minutes. By everything it just does not mean the writing style and content management, you should be able to send proposals online and get them accepted too.

There is a real growth in the number of RFPs being received and different questions that are asked in them. And this creates more problems for you like you haven’t had enough by just creating a simple proposal that they are making it more complex. The people most affected by this are some huge firms or a proposal or content writer of a small organization.

Now that the cost/expenses are increasing people want less employees in there firm but have to hire a lot because of the proposal and sales presentation process. It reacts in a way that you have to further look down to their productivity and efficiency.

And considering the time that is taken in creating a proposal is a lot so you might not take the responsibility of doing it because in some circumstances you couldn’t complete and it might come to haunt you plus you would be the person responsible for losing the client or the deal.

There are tools in the market that help you in creating a better proposal in less time and effectively. It just requires a trust in technology. To succeed you don’t have to do a lot, you just have to sign up for a proposal software like eIntellli and add just one proposal, save content and whenever someone asks for a proposal you just edit it according to their requirement and you are ready to go.

Plus if you think this is not worth it and do not suggest it to the employees you might be moving backwards in this competitive times and in this competitive world. So you might just get an online tool and get benefit with it in creating proposals and let other employees also get benefit from it saving time and be more resourceful other times.

Achieve Economic Benefits By Using eIntelli eProposal Application

Brad McCrory - Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One of the methods to win business deals from companies are through proposal writing. In this era more and more companies are moving towards the trend of getting proposals for closing deals. And on the other hand the companies which are offering proposal can’t meet deadlines and complete proposal in the given time. So they are moving towards a more automated way for generating proposals like online proposal conversion software’s. Through which you can make it more efficiently and effectively.

There is of course a fees involved-annual fees or maintenance charges fees. But let me tell you proposal is the only way nowadays to generate profit/revenue so the fees that you are paying is nothing in comparison to what you can achieve from it plus the hard work that is being done automatically and the time you save could be used some other place where it is more important.

The person drafting the proposal works under deadlines that makes him stressed out and may reduce efficiency. If you don’t work on any kind of proposal software you should consider using one from now on because all the content management and proposal quality suffers with the old way of proposal conversion and most of these result in losing the deal.

You should focus on one of the important things that your proposal is being viewed by a couple of people and no one invests their money without looking into it with detail, so a minor mistake can cause you a loss of the deal.

If your proposal team is working in the same old mode of copy pasting the material and does not maintain the previous content, this could be a whole lot of work plus it consumes a lot of time, whereas online proposal software allows you to keep database like library where you can save all the important content and use it on the go in a couple of seconds.

When copy pasting the content you might have heard that your material isn’t genuine even if your work is. Your proposal isn’t presentable enough and you know how sales work, you have to focus on presenting the product very good. So in stress of meeting deadline, you cannot give your best and create the best proposal. Plus with all those viewing options you can keep a good track as to where your proposal is, what is its status, did the client view it. If yes which content did he view the most and what you should consider about speaking in the next meeting?

For small entrepreneur, time saved is very good because then the proposal writers can focus on different things. With both tracking and reporting of proposal activity and library usage, you can satisfy the clients need very well. With all those templates for you to use you can easily draft proposal in minutes and save a lot of time on writing or thinking about what to write and how to make it more presentable and effective.

Well the bottom line of is that online proposal software isn’t that expensive and gives you a whole lot of benefits that you can use to grow your business easily and gain the clients trust. And if you consider the price to be high just keep in mind about all the features involved in the software.

Considering The Psychological Aspect Of A Consumer While Writing A Proposal.

Brad McCrory - Tuesday, March 19, 2013

To all of our blog subscribers, by now you must have already a know how about the do’s and don’ts while drafting a proposal with the help of our eIntelli eProposal Application.  An important reminder, emphasis shouldn’t be on who you are and what you can do, rather you should be more focused upon the customer’s needs and wants. If you are considering all that we have discussed so far when creating a proposal, you are probably writing a better proposal already. Sometimes when you know the client really well and have been sharing a good relation with him, he still wants you to write a proposal for him, chances are you aren’t writing the proposal for the right person and this may lead to your proposal get rejected/declined or have been asked to review the proposal again and again.

What if you are right but you are not writing for the right person, then what? It’s all about the client and his problem, kind of solution you are catering him, is it the best or is there any better solution to the clients problem.  The main problem is when the buying decision is not 100% exclusive to one person there are different people involved with different perspective and viewpoints you should consider that when writing a proposal and cater all the need of all the people involved while taking the buying decision.

For example, if your proposal is for small entrepreneur. Even if he/she said that they have the total power over decision making and even though they do, they always consider keeping their sales and IT on board. You won’t have enough information catering the sales staff and their needs.

To make sure you don’t make such mistakes you should make sure to ask such questions like “who would be impacted by this decision?” “How are we supposed to address their concerns?” a brief talk with that concerned person could really help you create a better proposal and get it into considering before hitting the black hole.

It is not necessary that your proposal should be based on the whole committee. You just create a section catering their needs like “system integration” or “training” for their concern.

When writing a proposal you should first get yourself in the buyer’s shoes, in that case you should first think about what would your decision pattern be. Even though you are a department head you would always consider you colleagues to make sure you look at every possible angle and to build support for the change you are implementing as they say two minds are better than one. So when drafting a proposal make sure to get all the details that should be covered in the proposal to gain everyone’s interest. This may sound like a lot of work but believe me this is the way you can get a deal closed much faster.

From Accuracy To Approval, eIntelli eProposal Application Takes Care Of The Entire Gamut.

Daniel Townsend - Friday, March 15, 2013

When starting a new business there are a lot of issues and problems that you need to take care of. A proposal is an offer that is written by a company to a client. When you create a proposal the most important thing is to know your client’s opinion his problem. If you want to create a perfect proposal you should consider everything from the client’s aspect. It helps you understand much bitterly what the client wants and how you should develop your proposal.

You need to keep this in mind that your entire business is based on the client’s approval. Therefore if you create a proposal from a client’s view it would always be success.

My blog would help you know how to develop a good and effective proposal. I hope it helps you. When writing a proposal you should first of all consider wearing the client’s shoes to know what he wants exactly. Secondly focus on your purpose and make it so clear so that it motivates you towards your aim.

You should just not focus on one client’s needs design your proposal keeping in mind the need of several clients that would make you proposal better. You need to know that research is very important when drafting any business proposal. In the research you can focus on market research market growth its size its consumption every single thing that you think is worth mentioning in your proposal. Then it is the competition you should keep your competitors in mind and always think ahead of them.

Now it’s up to you how lengthy do you want your proposal to be but an ideal proposal is not very long it short be short brief and to the point. You should have mentioned enough information that your client could easily take a decision from it. Your proposal should look very accurate with facts and it should contain a proper professional look. You each assumption should be perfectly presented with no grammatical or spelling errors. If it’s an investment proposal you should really keep in mind mentioning all the investment opportunities to convince the client. Work in section to make it easier for the client to understand.

Cost summary laid out in your proposal should be very accurate. Your future prediction should be realistic. If you think you aren’t good with numbers then you should hire a person to do this. Accuracy is very important in any business proposal. The first part of the proposal consist of an executive summary and this should be drawn really well as it consists the whole central idea of the proposal. If your client finds this interesting he would read the entire proposal otherwise he won’t. It is very important to mention some pros of your new product and when you are done with writing a proposal you should proof read it 4-5 times to check if there’s any mistakes or irrelevant material.

Still if you want an easier way to write a proposal you should check our online proposal tool it would really enhance your business growth. Join us now for a 14 day Free Trial!

Secrets Of Writing A Stunning Proposal

Brad McCrory - Thursday, March 14, 2013

What is proposal writing? Are you afraid of proposal writing? Do you think it takes a lot of time and hard work? Here is a secret for all those who think like this: as a writer you have already got all the skills you need to write an effective stunning proposal.

Creating a proposal only asks for you to compile all the relevant data that you think is required to close the deal and place it into in a professional document.

What do you call a proposal?

If you have never had a chance of writing a proposal, a proposal is a formal document which is a solution to solve the client’s problem keeping this in your mind now it’s your responsibility to structure it in such a way that looks stunning interesting and the solution to the client’s problem.

Everything you phrase in it should somehow revolve around the client’s problem and its solution.

What is there more to proposal?

There are different types of proposal some are very lengthy others are short. Proposal can be written for either an expert audience or a board of directors. There will be times you would have to write within the organization and sometimes you would have to write for outside the organization to the people you don’t know.

Now you have to find out what your reader wants and what is he looking for then you draft your proposal accordingly. As a writer your job here is to cater you client’s problem.

Knowing you reader is the most important job while drafting a proposal I will tell you why:

Persuasive proposal – persuasive techniques are in almost every proposal they just vary from document to document. When creating a proposal sometimes a little creativity can create interest in the reader.

And other times some solid research can do the trick you just have to find out what you reader wants.

Proposal complexity – every proposal that is drafted has a unique identity some are drafted sweetly and shortly others are long and complex but one thing you should keep in mind that your proposal should not lose track and it should not contain boring irrelevant information.

Your opening should be with a brief statement of the solution to the client’s problem. The rest of the proposal could be organized as steps of implementation, cost summary and in depth analysis of the potential benefits.

Still have a problem drafting a proposal?

Visit eIntelli the best online proposal tool, you might get exactly what you want and lack in your business. Join now for a 14 day free trial.

How Entrepreneurs Can Shed Off All Inhibitions And Apprehensions Of Getting Done A Well Drafted Proposal.

Daniel Townsend - Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Proposal writing is never too easy that is why I am writing this blog to help those entrepreneurs who can’t afford to hire a person just to make proposals for them. I am going to outline all the main points required in creating a proposal and things you should consider when creating a proposal.

Why do you want a proposal?

First of all you need to know one thing that there are different types of proposals. And it isn’t different writing them just the body and the purpose could be different but the overall format and structure of the proposal would be more or less the same.

The goal of my proposal is to get a construction deal. And the proposal I will teach you would be the one delivered to someone outside the organization.

The Plan of a Proposal

When you write a proposal or any kind of formal/technical communication, there are three things you should consider.

Who am I going to present the proposal?  You need to keep in mind for whom are you creating the proposal. You should have a good idea about how your audience is and does they have a good idea about what you are proposing and how would it be done.

What is it that the client is getting from the proposal?  The main purpose of the proposal is to get it approved and get the deal closed. The reader should not get confused as to what you are offering. The best way to do that is to keep the offer up front and the details later on in the proposal.

How do you confirm that the client understood what you are proposing? For that you must get into the clients shoes. Make them read what they really want to. Avoid things that you think they won’t want to read. Get someone else to read it first. And make sure that the reader has the same reaction as you wish your client to have.

Proposal style

1. Proposal writing style is the same as any other type of formal writing. To make you proposal effective try keeping these points in mind.

2. Clearly make the purpose visible to the reader.

3. Provide some background details that you think are important for the client to know.

4. Language plays a very important role so try and keep it simple for others to understand.

5. Use precise and to the point wording.

6. Done let the client get confused in rubbish information.

7. Provide every single detail that you think would matter in decision making.

Create/Draft a proposal

Now you have got a basic idea as to how formal communication is done. Now I will show you the specs for writing an effective proposal. Proposal is either accepted or rejected you obviously want it to get accepted. To help this make possible we will further work on these six points mentioned below

1. Proposal is the solution of an ongoing problem now your proposal should consist of one. You have to make sure to insure that you make your client believe that you know the problem and can easily help him out with your solution. Your whole proposal should be concentrated towards the problem and an effective solution.

2. Never think that you are the only one proposing. Your aim should be to make believe the client that yours is the best solution to his problem. Never be over confident about your solution that they will think is the best. Make it look the best as a reader’s point of view.

3. Do your research thoroughly.If you can then try and provide your reader with some examples and facts or old projects that would convince him and make him believe in you and your services more. Don’t try to put your opinion in the proposal that never helps. The best way to do is to research other articles regarding your topic and extract information from there.

4. You should make sure to provide enough data in your proposal to make sure you solution works. First make sure for yourself that the solution is possible. Try it before submitting the proposal on a small scale and provide examples. You might need to revise your solution before submitting.

5. The cost summary should be logical. Consider your client and its company what is there worth and are they strong enough to afford your solution. Explain properly why your solution is worth their time and money. 

6. Your proposal should be very attractive. When you complete the proposal think if it is enough attractive that when you submit it to the client he/she would want to read it?

I hope you have enjoyed reading my article on proposals.  I think with all this information it would be easy for you to start writing a proposal. For better proposal writing in less time and effectively visit and join us now! 

With eIntelli eProposal Application, Proposal Writing Is No More Tedious.

Brad McCrory - Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How do you think you write a proposal? Proposal writing is somewhat similar to persuasive essay writing or drafting a report. I will tell you some good techniques regarding the making of a proposal.

1. A proposal should be drafted with a problem and its solution that is plausible and logical.

2. When writing a proposal provide some solid facts not opinions to take the argument to approval. Do you homework properly research on very possible solution possible to that problem.

3. Do proper analyses of your project provide some pictures and chart to make it visible for the client to see the proper demonstration of the project on a small scale. Provide grant charts in your proposal to make the client get a better understanding about the milestones and accomplishments.

4. Properly describe all the finances nothing should be confusing the client should get what money is for what.

5. After you are done with your proposal read it a couple of times top make sure nothing is irrelevant and if there is something edit it. Make sure you presentation is attractive and no boring that the client loses focus.

Proposal should consist of the following things:

Executive summary: Give a little summary of what you would be proposing inside and give the title to the proposal.

Statement of need: State why the proposal is necessary and should be done.

Project description: Provide some charts as to how you would achieve the solution what would be the milestones and all.

Cost summary: Give a detailed explanation about the finances and what cost is needed for what.

Organization details: Provide a little information about your organization its mission stake holders and who it serves.

Conclusion: Summarize the main points of the proposal.

This Blog is for those who think proposal writing is hard and can’t be done easily. This is to show them that it does not take a lot of time just a little bit of dedication can do the thing. I have mentioned above all the necessary information needed in drafting a proposal if you still think it’s hard meet us at eIntelli and our 60+ proposal templates would help you create proposals in a fraction of your time.

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Winning More Proposals Through Simple Changes

Brad McCrory - Friday, March 08, 2013

“So simple, yet so effective”. Very frequently we come across this sentence that also adds a definition to the word Emotion. Emotion is simple but very instrumental and plays a vital role when people purchase something. Recent trends in consumer behavior are making it very evident that people buy on emotion and not based on facts and figures. Proof of the pudding is on eating. Before taking a decision, generally out of human psychological behavior, consumers need the following: pictures or videos to look at, demos to see software in action and portfolio as proof of skill. So while your proposal needs to echo your understanding of their problem and methods to solve it, you must engage them with your well garnished words. You want to put down your points but ensure of being tricky about replacing rational words with emotional words.

Actionable Emotion: Thought provoked! Have you heard of it? Why not cement our understanding on these words based on a few differences between two set of examples below:

Example A - Catch a glimpse of a few rational words:

0. combat

1. sufficient

2. notion

3. construct

4. allow

5. purchase

6. excellent

Example B - Now let’s catch a glimpse of a few emotional words:

0. fight

1. idea

2. powerful

3. unique

4. successful 

5. amazing

6. intense

Try implementing these simple changes and gauge the reflection of response(s). Your proposals will be teeming with fresh energy and life. At a glance your proposal may not look like convincing but once drilled down and read through, readers will be glued to the proposal because of the impact and correct placement of these powerful words.

We highly recommend the usage of Actionable Emotions and leveraging on your business proposals for a result oriented proposal conversion.

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Basic Elements Of A Persuasive Proposal

Daniel Townsend - Thursday, March 07, 2013

Writing persuasive proposals needs understanding of the term. I call it a persuasive proposal because that is what exactly your proposal has to be. It must convince the reader that you're the best person as a proposer.

A persuasive proposal can be segregated into 3 major parts:

1. Statement of Problem - A persuasive proposal would lead with a problem statement like this one: In recent times, Company XYZ has witnessed a significant increase in competition .These new competitors have lucrative service points that are luring some of XYZ’s Company's long time customers.…

Try realizing the real area of problem here. If you fail to understand the prospect's problem, then why would they be confident about you for finding them a solution? Very meticulously, during the process of interview, you’ll need to fight out the real challenge before you can write an effective problem statement.

2. Solution Proposed - Now that you are well equipped with this knowledge, you're ready to offer a solution: Company XYZ needs to redesign service points with fresh new ideas to ensure existing customers are kept, and new ones are converted. To recapture the market from new competitors, the service design must implement a marketing strategy entirely focused on this goal.

A solution should be simple, precise and most importantly it must directly address the prospect's problem.

3. Pricing Information - The last piece of a persuasive proposal is the pricing information. You want to make this information easy to digest, so keep it high level. From a typography point of view, it's best to place it in a grid. This is usually known as the Fee Summary section. Depending on the length of the project you might want to tie payments to specific milestones. This would be included in a section called Fee Schedule.

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