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eIntelli eProposal Application Has Taken Collaborative Approach Of Online Proposal Drafting To The Next level.

Brad McCrory - Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For a lot of firms, drafting sales documents consist of feedback from a lot of people. These people might be next to you or could be even on the next floor of the office or next building. Either way getting info from a lot of different people can create problems for you also it will get you confused and disorganized.

We’ve been there solving these problems more than once with our online proposal writing software – eIntelli eProposal Application.

That is why this system is made easy to use. No matter how many people you include in the proposal making process. With our “team members join in” feature you can add important people to use your account and give feedback on the dashboard as to what should be done to make it more attractive and effective.

eIntelli will allow you to get comments from team members on each sales document within the software. These comments will be directly posted to the proposal that they are linked to so that nothing gets confusing or messed up. Team members can also view previous comments and see to that if they have been edited or not. Now you can work with your best team members without even moving from your desk.

With all these feature of team member collaboration and dashboard, now you can easily continue with your sales meeting/presentation without having the fear of forgetting the proposal at the office. Just have an internet connection; you can easily get to your proposal in just a few clicks.

We understand that you might be having issues using new service, which is why we are offering you a Free Trial period through which you can test run the tool and get a good grip on it. Plus, our support team is looking forward to help you convert proposals and get a good grip on eIntelli. No credit card required. Give us a try and explore all of our great features. Have questions? No problem. We’re here to help!

Get eIntelli On Board And Increase Your Sales.

Brad McCrory - Monday, April 29, 2013

There are some basic elements that you should keep in mind when you start writing a proposal, the proposal that would increase your sales and shorten sales cycle. Many people use the same word for both contract and proposal, whereas a proposal consists of a contract but a contract does not contain a proposal. Some people forget that a sales proposal is not only about getting the client to sign the dotted line but also a lot more than that such as projecting the big picture. Sales proposal should always consist of a problem and a relevant solution. Keeping this in mind, following are 4 elements that would help you writing a successful proposal that would increase your sales.

1. Sales Proposal there Background and Understanding – Try to know the issues that clients have. It could be a specific problem that you are looking to solve. If you show the client that you listen to his problem, its sure that he will also pay a lot of attention to the solution that you are offering. And eventually accept your sales proposal.

2. Sell Your Solutions in the Sales Proposal – Now that you know what the customer wants and in what position he is, you should draft a solution that only specifically address the clients concerns. If you have demonstrated multiple solutions explain the importance of each. Explain him why you have divided your project in different millstones how it would be beneficial for you and the client as well how can you save his money/time etc.

3. Keep Your Sales Proposals Brief – Clients are looking for solution in your proposal, they are not interested in long stories of what your organization has done and achieved. Focus on the client’s needs and get him a solution that he would think as the best. The client knows you are qualified enough that he asked otherwise he won’t have even asked if he didn’t knew that you’d perform the task good enough or not. Don’t bore the client with your achievement stories; they don’t care about what you firm is and how you got here. They just want to hear about their company, their problem and the best solution. Do that and you will automatically convert more sales proposal.

4. Provide Easy Sales Proposal Acceptance – The more time the client takes in to review proposal in the sales cycle, less are the changes that your proposal would be selected. There are online proposal software’s that take care of such things like eIntelli eProposal Application that  offers a clear way to eliminate the process of PDFing, scanning, emailing and signing by using an online tool that is a very effective way to speed up the review cycle through easy proposal review and acceptance.

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“A Stitch In Time Saves Nine” – See How eIntelli eProposal Application Encourage People To Save Time.

Daniel Townsend - Friday, April 26, 2013

It becomes very frustrating when others don’t respect your time. Many small entrepreneurs and freelancers who are short of time find it very frustrating that their clients do respect their time. You might have faced delaying a meeting or a discussion or a workshop for something urgent. This creates a mess not only for you but the sales and cash flow too.

There was once a discussion with a person who did consulting and was happy to close a proposal for a new client really fast. They had started with the logistical efforts of the new project to start. That day they were supposed to start the client pushed the project back due to which the consultant lost the better part of the week. While one recognizes that there are sometimes legitimate issues that require change in schedule.

If you want others to respect your time, first you have to start respecting it yourself. Your time is the most valuable that you have and you can never earn it back once you have lost it. Once you recognize this you will automatically percolate through how you organize your day, and how you deal with future clients. It’s really tempting when you see a blank calendar and tell the client you are available whenever it’s fine with you. Subconsciously you are informing your prospect that your timer isn’t that precious. Instead tell the client to choose the time and if he suggests several don’t say you are fine with either, pick a time like 10AM Thursday morning. Remember your calendar is never really empty if you don’t have any paid work then adjust that time for sale meeting and stuff like that.

Next is to respect the time of others. If you have a meeting or a conference call at 1PM, reach there before time. If you plan a meeting somewhere new,   get going early because you don’t know if you would find it easily or get a parking right next to the building or a few blocks further. If you promise someone of delivering the proposal at 5PM Friday then be there at 5PM and drop the proposal.

Respecting your own time and other’s shows a lot of professionalism both to your client and your ownself.

Now let’s have a look at a couple of things that would encourage people to respect your time.

1) When you talk about a project with a potential client get to know the timeline. Do they want the project completed this month or at the end of the quarter? When is it that they want to start? If you know all of these you can easily organize things accordingly otherwise it’s easy to get impatient and get things done before the client wanted, and then you wonder that why the client isn’t that committed to the project as you are.

2) Get the cash/payment upfront, for small project like a work shop or something get full payment beforehand. For midsized projects get half the payment. For larger projects divide the payment into milestones but get first payment before starting depending on the client. You may start the work before the check clears or you can wait until it’s cleared.

3) If you have a loyal client and you have known him for a long time get a retainer for them and save some money.

4) When you have no idea how long would it take to complete the project, charge the client by the hour. I never recommend this, and clients who don’t respect your time are usually the one who have issues of you billing when you wait outside their office. If you still don’t charge by the hour but you know they won’t respect your time charge them higher.

Lastly, you should know that there are some people who don’t respect others or their time so you should not take it personally as this is business and you may get a lot of benefit from them.

Attention Proposal Writers! Here Are A Few Handful Of Tips For You While Drafting A Proposal.

Brad McCrory - Thursday, April 25, 2013

These are some steps that are to be considered by a proposal writer when he/she is drafting any proposal.

Getting Started

A good proposal should have clear starting like it should be clear and understandable and should have all the important information like the goals and objective of the following proposal. In addition, a good proposal should highlight every aspect that would begin with a sense about how it will be beneficial/significant in improving the current practices.

Think about what improvements your project will make, and then develop a course of action as to how you would complete the following plan in action. What would be the instruments/equipment’s needed in order to complete the task. Or who do you have to merge with to get the project done. Focus on the goals and objectives so that you may know which action helps in completing which goal.

You should make your project look innovative in your context. It should not look like you are just coming up to the competitor’s standard. You should have something different from the competitor that gives you an edge over your competitor.

Mention about what you have done in preparing the project, and explain the changes you have made and demonstrate on small scale. When the project requires a lot of funding for equipment try getting alternatives and explain how they are cost efficient and beneficial for the projects.

Get advice from other people who have wrote proposals before or have a grip on it they will help you better. Or get a good online proposal writing tool like eIntelli and get benefits from its numbered templates.

Gathering Information

When you are writing a proposal you should think if there is any work of this kind that you have done before, if yes do mention it in your proposal, it could be very beneficial for you and for the customer in getting to know how you would execute the task. The proposal should present appropriate attention to the existing relevant knowledge base. You will then be better able to see how that project is outlined and developed and how it meets certain needs on that particular campus and in the broader community. Clearly you will wish to use this only as guidance and should not copy the project. There will be differences in what is needed in each new project.

Target Audience

The target audience really matters in your proposal you should really get in the clients shoes and think if the proposal is the best solution to the problem you should really get to know what the client wants and likes and what is he expecting from you in the proposal. Give the client what he wants, don’t use tough English, use familiar words and make it clear, concise and to the point.


When there is more than one person or organization involved in the project, it is very important to have them included too in the planning and organizing process.Even in smaller projects, an advisory board of outside experts or local community can provide additional levels of expertise and experience.

Other Considerations

Get a good team working on the proposal, assign tasks so that you could further get the work done easily. Distribute duties and develop a schedule of activities needed to prepare the proposal in time to meet the proposal deadline.

Remember to get the proposal viewed and revised by a third party so that you may know how others perceive the information you have provided.

Practically the final version of the proposal would involve a lot of drafts and revision. Don’t try to get it done in the first time.

With eIntelli eProposal Application Get to Know All the Killer Moves Involved In A Proposal Writing Process.

Daniel Townsend - Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When someone asks to “send a proposal” the words are musical to the ears for some consultants. The process of writing a proposal is a milestone in the sales process. It is one of the chances to get the client know you well and start a new project. Even though proposal writing is no fun, most writers jump to the task because they find it exciting.

A well drafted proposal can result in a winning project, while a poor drafted proposal can result in losing the project plus a waste of many resources put to work to draft the proposal. You may want to follow the killer 12 steps in the proposal writing process.

1. Create a powerful, but concise executive summary:  Every person reviewing the proposal would first look upon the executive summary, and then if he finds it interesting he would go further. The easiest way to write an effective summary is to explain everything like the client knows nothing about you and your project.

2. Quantify the results that the client can expect from engaging you:  Some people, when writing the proposal, focus on explaining their consulting process and methodologies. You should focus on your project, your product cause, that’s what the client is looking for and not the methods.

3. Be generous with your ideas:  Some people think that revealing their ideas to the client can be harmful as the client may steal your idea and then complete the proposed solution himself but that may happen in very rare cases but you have to realize that you may never get the success you want if you hold your idea. Use the ideas in a creative and distinctive way that might show the client that your team thinks out of the box.

4. Size does matter:  Don’t make long and boring proposals; no one has the time to read stories during business hours. Make your proposal as short as possible while keeping the client’s request’s in mind; focus on the quality not the quantity.

5. Focus on the client:  Whenever you draft a proposal, focus on the clients need and get in his shoes so that you may get a better idea what he wants and whether you are providing him with that or not.

6. Beware of best practices: Don’t just go with the best way to do the task the client may not be impressed with, if you get others impressed by that then think a little different innovative, for a change it would be good for you and the proposal.

7. Be accurate:   If you are proving some previous client data in the proposal check it twice or thrice before submitting because a lot of data can be misunderstood in the proposal, give the client an accurate data.

8. Sweat every detail:  Watch for grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes. Make sure the proposal gets into the right hand at the right time.

9. Rewrite your resume for every proposal:   Mention your skills in the resume that demonstrates your qualification for the project.

10. Finish early:   Finish writing before time so that you may get a couple of days to review and check for mistakes and get it reviewed by a couple of others too, to see if they get what you are trying to say.

11. Let your personality shine through:    Give the client a little humor so that he may know what kind of a person you are. And give a little hint of your firm’s culture and norms. Let the client know what he is dealing with.

12. Don't let your claims outdistance your true capabilities:   It is right to mention a couple of your past victories but don’t get so carried away that you provide with material that sets high barriers and later you can’t stand up to it.

Proposals are very important in a sales process. Don’t just come up with anything and give it to the client, instead, meet the client and come up with something new and innovative so that he finds it interesting to read and that might result in your success.

A Final Countdown.. eIntelli eProposal Application, Ready With Its New Releases, Is Donning The Newest Suite To Reach The Zenith.

Denis D. - Thursday, April 11, 2013

One more feather in the cap! Another milestone achieved! Wondering what?

At the stroke of every second,eIntelli eProposal Application is inching closer to launch with a gamut of new , exciting and world class features.

 With the advent of so many competitors one needs to create best of the best proposals to beat the competition and close business deals. Time is very essential while writing a proposal and the better you  manage time better your proposal walks the periphery and breach your customers mind . Are you in search of a multi-format online proposal writing software?Here we have,the eIntelli eProposal Application - a powerful proposal writing tool offering to save a lot of your time besides helping to create an astounding proposal and mesmerizes your prospect giving you an opportunity to edge past your competitors.

Catch a glimpse of some of the salient features covered in our latest release:

1.       Proposal Dashboard and Analytics:
       a. Reports by Proposal Status
       b. Reports by Month

    2.  Creating a new Proposal by following methods conveniently:
                  a. Upload doc or pdf and our conversion team will convert it for you for first time
                  b. Use templates offered by eIntelli application
                  c. Create New from scratch by just adding category and client info with proposal amount

    3.  Add or Edit Proposal Using Content Blocks:
a. Create SECTIONS in proposal
b. Drag and drop a rich text editor content block within a section
c. drag and drop page break for pdf publishing
d. drag and drop video block and embed code to dynamically view a video (web-view of proposal only, for pdf - it could only a description that can be added in content block)
e. AUTOSAVE - no hassle to keep saving proposal manually
f. Edit ANY content block you by just visiting any section

4. Library:

                  a. Re-use content blocks to any of your proposal by just drag and drop the content block

                  b. Content block can be added to the library during editing the proposal

    5. Preview Proposal: Take a look how your proposal would look like after publishing.

    6. Publish Proposal:
                  a. Publish over web and share the url
                  b. Publish over web and notify your customers to visit the proposal
                  c. Publish the proposal and let your customer ACCEPT and REJECT the proposal by just clicking the                          button
                  d. Customer can comment and further discuss after publishing your proposal

     7. Basic Collaboration: Invite team members to contribute in your proposal.

     8. Customize your proposal theme and brand your identity over your proposal: Add Logo, customize the colors, look and feel and brand the entire proposal ranging from font, headings, images, background and foreground look and feel.

     9. Online Chat and Email Support

    10. Customize currency for proposal amount

    11. Complementary support on first five proposals


Stage 1: Create/Conceive - New Proposal, Add Proposal, Add contact/client, Add Categories, Add team members, Add Proposal Title/Amount and Make Proposal in canvas using content blocks and/or library

Stage 2: Publish & Send - Preview, Web view, PDF outputs; Send via URL, send via Email, share the url, let customer accept/reject and comment back

Stage 3: Manage & Optimize: Know the winning rate: Proposals' Dashboard and Proposals grid; interact with customers via commenting to gain more control; collaborate with other users; reuse content block through library for more proposals and save time in making proposal; focus to numbers and sales conversion etc.

Hold your breath,pull up your socks,roll up your sleeves,fasten your seat belts...,our endeavour and enthough to induce you with awareness and cautions is endless at this juncture. Visit OR Call us at 888-661-3361 .



Big Reasons Why Proposals Sink And How You To Avoid Using eIntelli eProposal Application.

Brad McCrory - Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Proposal helps to get yourself through the company door, because not only it gives you an opportunity to win a deal but also allows you to be competitive amongst other competitors. Take a look below to know why you should spend no less time in proposals than more on getting new clients who are apprehensive about investing upfront.

1) Many businesses request for proposals and they get a lot of response. So the chances are when you send a proposal, yours won’t be accepted and the reason for that is you don’t know what their basis for decision is because there is always a chance that someone is cheaper than you and has more experience. This is not the only reason for you denial, you don’t have any idea about how your information in the proposal is perceived and you have got no chance to rectify your mistake.

2) There are a lot of organizations that send out RFP’s but they already have made a final decision about their favorite company. So you might be applying for something that you have no chance of winning for.

3) When drafting a proposal it takes a lot of time and you aren't even sure if you would get the order or not. So it’s like you might spend all of this time and resource getting a new client or an old client to further deal with it who doesn't ask for such upfront investments.

4) Proposal writing takes a lot of your billable time and replaces it with a lot of unbillable time. I know business growth is important but through proposals it’s like you aren't even sure if it would happen or not.

With all of that said if you work for service based organization or own one you can only grow your business through proposal writing. So I will help you with 5 ways to generate proposals in an automated way.

1) Use a proposal tool that you are familiar with or know is easy to use.

Proposals should be very presentable because as they say first impression is the last impression. So you should have a perfect proposal tool the one like we use (eIntelli eProposal Application) that would give the perfect look to your business. Like our proposal software already take cares of the layout and format of the proposal that could save a lot of time. So the only thing you have to do is just add you company logo and some images you want. And if you want a custom based design layout you can have that too through eIntelli.

2) Add some relevant info that you think would be used in every proposal you send.

Our tool has a library option through which you can save info and use it again later, you could simply add the front of your proposal through this like the company bio and mission/vision statement all the key staff members and stuff like that so that you don’t have to generate it every time and lose so much of your time.

3) Create a section in which you just need to change out element before sending the proposal.

There are times when you draft proposal to show proofs in particular industry so you should probably draft a section regarding that and just add images that you think are really beneficial for this client and you can just add photos and you are done with this section too.

4) Templates regarding different industries.

Like in our firm we do business with a lot of different industries like healthcare to education so you should have proper templates designed and saved which would later help you out in saving so much of your time and energy.

5) Draft cost summaries.

If you have been in business long form now you might have faced some client that want a cost estimate beforehand so you can create that on the basis of you previous projects or any accounting software by just editing it a little, when the clients need you can get ready for an estimate in an hour.

How You Can Choose The Correct Software Facilitating Your Online Proposal Writing.

Brad McCrory - Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Proposal creating software – business is very important in one’s life because it generates income and enroute you can fulfill your basic needs of life. So more the business grows more the income you generate. Due to globalization, nowadays, businesses work online because of which you need to create the perfect proposals as your business doesn’t exist physically so that  customer comes to your shop and know how good you are doing. You have to create a mind-blowing proposal in order to catch his attention.

When creating a proposal you need to keep in mind that 65-70% of your time should be focused on the research part of the proposal. However, for doing that you need a person with good writing and analytical skills as if you are doing manual proposal writing. This  needs a lot of work, from the design to the content, everything you alone have to manage. Therefore you should have an excellent employee for that. For all of that obviously you need a lot of time energy and of course the most important thing money.

But doing it online through a business proposal software/online proposal application, can save your time and energy and definitely a lot of your cash and why not, online software provides you with so many templates and designs that there are less chances of errors through online software. This would further lead to more business ventures.

Now comes the toughest part choosing a good enough software for you proposal writing. For that you have to first get a grip at how to use a proposal writing software and then look into the features that they are providing and compare them with other software and choose the best.

Another thing you should know that in a proposal writing software you can create a financial sheet so easily because they already have the format and the chart already provided. You just need to add your figures and you are good to go. What I am talking about is a visual chart that would be beneficial for you client too so that he can understand quickly and for you its an competitive edge.

You might find an online proposal writing software pushy, but it’s not like that, you can completely write a proposal based on your own research and forecasting,organize your own data and then you can publish your proposal or send it to the client by publishing, you can also password protect your proposal if you want.

So you should definitely give online proposal writing a try to take your business to the next level and for your ease we suggest you going for a software through which you can get a grip at how online proposal writing works. Go to and login now to avail a 14 day free trial.

Important Factors To Consider While Procuring An Online Proposal Development Tool.

Daniel Townsend - Friday, March 29, 2013

When you start drafting a sales proposal, it’s very easy to lose track. But, if you don’t think correctly and every little aspect should be under consideration or else you could lose a potential client. When drafting an effective proposal you should keep in mind to consider the potential clients need and wants and draft the proposal according to that. It’s not always how you communicate in the proposal with the client, the project manager has also have to build a relation with the client during the meetings.

When creating a proposal or going through the process of writing proposal you should not just see the client as a potential revenue, client are human beings too. And if this project is to take of well then you could form a long term relation with the client that could be beneficial for you in the future too.

Some facts that should be considered during the proposal writing process:

Taking in consideration the clients time:

After you are done with the proposal and send it its common to become impatient for the response. eIntelli can really help you with that with our new dashboard that tells you all the analytics of the proposal. This would let you know how many times the proposal is viewed, which section is being viewed the most and what time did the client first viewed the proposal. And once you know all of this you automatically have a sense of security that the client is reviewing the proposal and you let him have his time instead of pestering. It’s very important that you don’t rush or force the client to make the decision because they likely have a lot of other things going on too.

They don’t have enough space in their inbox:

As we all know emails can easily get lost in the pile of spam that we receive every now and then. If it’s been a couple of day and still no one has viewed the proposal then its time you pick up the phone or stop by their office or you could try other means to communicate. You should make the client realize that you aren’t just an email address; still doesn’t start bothering the client, when it’s time for feedback, do it in a very cool way so that the client doesn’t think of you as a desperate. Phone calls or meeting in person can make a real impact instead of just sharing emails.

You should always be careful about the manners:

No matter whoever you are or whatever you do, saying please and thank you always makes the reader feel good. You have to be cordial if you want the proposal to work. It’s really important for you to take some time out and think of who you really are and what really matters. Even if somehow your proposal doesn’t get accepted keep in mind to thank the client for reading and considering it would maintain a future good relationship.

Think of the competition:

There is no reason to think that you are their only one contender applying for the job. Anyone who is willing to spend a good amount of money would always consider a third opinion. You in your proposal make it clear that how you would complete the job effectively in comparison to the competitor. Give them a little insight about how successful your last job was and what other may lack that you have. And tell them that you are really committed to the success of their project.

Win or lose your next sales proposal should be more professional and with less errors. And they way you treat people would really reflect who you are and how your company works. Try eIntelli to draft an effective and professional looking proposal.

eintelli eProposal Application - Justifies Itself Being A Software In Real Sense.

Daniel Townsend - Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You still think drafting a proposal can take lot of time? Plumtree group has developed the best proposal writing tool with a lot of features that could be used in easing your proposal writing process. Online proposal development has entirely changed the proposal writing process and made it so easy with the advancement of the internet. For eIntelli eProposal Apllication you don’t have to be a computer freak or a programmer, it so easy and convenient that anyone could use it. By using the same content again and again through library your proposal writing process has been made so easy that you could get done writing in minutes. And adding custom data with the editor is ultra-easy,your client would be astonished at both the delivery and will be impressed with the professional look that eIntelli provides your proposal. 

So you are ready to give eIntelli a try. You’ve got a grip on how to use eIntelli. But wait before you send your proposal you need to take care of a couple of things. Firstly,check all the spellings considering your name,the clients and the company on top.

Next you need to read the proposal aloud to yourself,best way to catch errors is to read aloud what you have written, it helps you catch errors like the sentences that doesn’t make sense. It’s important to wait and check the proposal two or three times before you send. You don’t want your client finding mistakes in your proposal.

Then make sure about the links you have added in your proposal. Make sure those links work properly and take the client where you want him to go not some random website.

Take a keen look at the pricing table that you have inserted in your proposal. Double check all the numbers that you added. This is a contract you are proposing if by mistake your numbers aren’t correct you will never get acceptance.

Also get someone else to check the proposal because it’s always good to get two or three eyes go through the proposal before because then you would know how other perceive what you have written.

Drafting a couple of sales proposal can be very tiring and tedious. But with eIntelli, we hope that your experience can be organized and fun.