Proposal writing tips

Top 5 ways you can save time creating Business Proposals

Brad McCrory - Monday, November 05, 2012


"Your time is a valuable resource" says Bill Gates Time is valuable resource of business, time is money, are all sayings that everyone has heard. The amount of money creates time in business. Time is a prime resource at your disposal. You cannot afford to dispose the resource of time at will. It is a nature's gift to humankind which needs to be saved. When you save time you create more time for your business. You create more value for your business.

One of the best ways to save time in business is to get organized. Simply the more organized you are the more time you have to create value for the business. The best ways to get organized in business is to develop skilled support for the various functions you do for your business. An organizational support tool adds quality and thus creates value and saves the immeasurable time which you could only realize when you are left without a skilled support. A Proposal Writing Software eIntelli can give you that support.

A second factor that proves a time saver for business is efficient communications. Thus, in communications in small business or corporate, a proposal writing software like eIntelli proves an effective tool of organized communication, eIntelli’s products takes the burden of doing the tedious parts of writing of proposals for you.

A forth way to save time creating a business is using the greatest resource available today the Internet. The Internet is smashing all barriers created by communities, countries and nations and ideologies is because of its ease of use and universal access. It has helped us create flat world and a global village crunching everything on to a few key punches of our fingertips. It has been proven without a doubt that mass communication via the internet is key for a business to survive today. Therefore, a Proposal Writing Software Tool such as eIntelli provides online publication of your proposal and saves immense time for small business to outreach a wider audience.

Another way to save time is to get all your info standardized. Armed with all information organized and standardized, time and money is saved. However, you would need even something more to write a proposal, formats. eIntelli proposal writing software comes with templates saving time further. It direct where you need place and how to place your information to realize the essence of organized communication for small business and corporate alike for every kind of business.

Your effort to be involved in organized communication as writing a proposal after your due understanding of the prospective customers’ problem doesn’t leave you with free time unless you have some kind of feedback on the proposal. eIntelli proposal writing software closes the loop of business communication for you. It keeps a tab on the statistics of editing, printing, viewing and forwarding by your customer. How important is it for redesigning your strategies when you are called for a presentation?

Thus a business proposal leaves you enough time to look to other opportunities on anvil and leaves your business opportunity to incubate, in spite of your absence and stands to gain value for your business to grow.