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Achieve Economic Benefits By Using eIntelli eProposal Application

Brad McCrory - Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One of the methods to win business deals from companies are through proposal writing. In this era more and more companies are moving towards the trend of getting proposals for closing deals. And on the other hand the companies which are offering proposal can’t meet deadlines and complete proposal in the given time. So they are moving towards a more automated way for generating proposals like online proposal conversion software’s. Through which you can make it more efficiently and effectively.

There is of course a fees involved-annual fees or maintenance charges fees. But let me tell you proposal is the only way nowadays to generate profit/revenue so the fees that you are paying is nothing in comparison to what you can achieve from it plus the hard work that is being done automatically and the time you save could be used some other place where it is more important.

The person drafting the proposal works under deadlines that makes him stressed out and may reduce efficiency. If you don’t work on any kind of proposal software you should consider using one from now on because all the content management and proposal quality suffers with the old way of proposal conversion and most of these result in losing the deal.

You should focus on one of the important things that your proposal is being viewed by a couple of people and no one invests their money without looking into it with detail, so a minor mistake can cause you a loss of the deal.

If your proposal team is working in the same old mode of copy pasting the material and does not maintain the previous content, this could be a whole lot of work plus it consumes a lot of time, whereas online proposal software allows you to keep database like library where you can save all the important content and use it on the go in a couple of seconds.

When copy pasting the content you might have heard that your material isn’t genuine even if your work is. Your proposal isn’t presentable enough and you know how sales work, you have to focus on presenting the product very good. So in stress of meeting deadline, you cannot give your best and create the best proposal. Plus with all those viewing options you can keep a good track as to where your proposal is, what is its status, did the client view it. If yes which content did he view the most and what you should consider about speaking in the next meeting?

For small entrepreneur, time saved is very good because then the proposal writers can focus on different things. With both tracking and reporting of proposal activity and library usage, you can satisfy the clients need very well. With all those templates for you to use you can easily draft proposal in minutes and save a lot of time on writing or thinking about what to write and how to make it more presentable and effective.

Well the bottom line of is that online proposal software isn’t that expensive and gives you a whole lot of benefits that you can use to grow your business easily and gain the clients trust. And if you consider the price to be high just keep in mind about all the features involved in the software.

Winning More Proposals Through Simple Changes

Brad McCrory - Friday, March 08, 2013

“So simple, yet so effective”. Very frequently we come across this sentence that also adds a definition to the word Emotion. Emotion is simple but very instrumental and plays a vital role when people purchase something. Recent trends in consumer behavior are making it very evident that people buy on emotion and not based on facts and figures. Proof of the pudding is on eating. Before taking a decision, generally out of human psychological behavior, consumers need the following: pictures or videos to look at, demos to see software in action and portfolio as proof of skill. So while your proposal needs to echo your understanding of their problem and methods to solve it, you must engage them with your well garnished words. You want to put down your points but ensure of being tricky about replacing rational words with emotional words.

Actionable Emotion: Thought provoked! Have you heard of it? Why not cement our understanding on these words based on a few differences between two set of examples below:

Example A - Catch a glimpse of a few rational words:

0. combat

1. sufficient

2. notion

3. construct

4. allow

5. purchase

6. excellent

Example B - Now let’s catch a glimpse of a few emotional words:

0. fight

1. idea

2. powerful

3. unique

4. successful 

5. amazing

6. intense

Try implementing these simple changes and gauge the reflection of response(s). Your proposals will be teeming with fresh energy and life. At a glance your proposal may not look like convincing but once drilled down and read through, readers will be glued to the proposal because of the impact and correct placement of these powerful words.

We highly recommend the usage of Actionable Emotions and leveraging on your business proposals for a result oriented proposal conversion.

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eIntelli eProposal Application – A Great Tool for Managers.

Daniel Townsend - Wednesday, March 06, 2013

As a manager there are a lot of obstacles but the most difficult one is to make a proposal or propose for anything. This could be anything from proposing your boss starting a new venture outreaching a bank or an investor to inject in some money in your business. When doing this you should realize one thing that you are the one proposing and the one you are proposing to is in the power so you have to be able enough presentable and worthy that he may think of you as a good resource and not just a waste of time.

When creating a business proposal you need to keep in mind the needs and criteria of the person you are proposing to, your content should be original not copy pasted from another letter because it would hold as much worth as a junk mail in your inbox. Make it original and tailored to their needs. Be frank and totally honest. Don’t blow out of proportion and at the same time be very confident and straightforward.

However your proposal shouldn't be dull and boring or it should not look like you have paid someone to just hammer down some words on the keyboard for you, it should look like you are a real person proposing and try to convey your personality through the proposal. Adding a little humor can also impress the person reading the proposal.

Your proposal should consist of easy words and phrases so that the other person understands easily, it should not look like a document of any top secret agency rather it should be as simple and easy to understand as possible. Don’t make it complex; mention the cost summary properly so that the client can focus on it easily. Now comes the last part of reading the proposal again and again - at least read the proposal 4 to 5 times to check all the spellings and grammar mistakes and then ask someone else to also skim it.

Lastly, focus on the reader’s mind, focus on what advantages you are offering to the reader and its company. If you aren't providing them any facility, why would they accept the proposal? So do not forget to mention those advantages in the proposal.

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View How Others Create Business Proposal Samples from eProposal

Daniel Townsend - Monday, November 05, 2012

New software leashing a wave in the market! Time to look at who is using it. None wants to harbor risk moving away from time-tested ones. Business support software is aplenty for every use. Who is that change agent? Why is he using it? What are its features? What’s more? Is anything usual given amiss? Does it provide for all usual features? How does that benefit me anyway? What are the differentiators from the available ones? Why not give a try? Download a demo or seek free assistance.

Being competitive is a watchword. Remaining at the cutting edge can seldom be missed. Test the parameters on which you already have. See what is more. Test a demo of the Business Proposal Samples software suite on live projects with your existing clients. Have you achieved favorable results? Which are the features that supported you the most? Which were the long desired features in a proposal writing software you found? What is inhibiting you to make the new software eProposal a support tool for your business?

Overcoming inhibitions in using new tools in your business is easy. The best approach is to find how others are using the tool to their benefit. Getting details through the buzz of new software creating a wave from market is easier. Find how conversion rates are moving up for some your competitors in the market. A prospective client will often have a word or two to convey about the new proposal writing software. Get in touch with the company providing you the new software experts and call for a quote.

You want to hit the target of conversion rates. It rules your best long term business interests. A view to how others create business proposal samples from eProposal is worthwhile. You have to make a decision for a new support tool for your business. When what you desired is provided by the new tool and has additional features why not give a try. The proposal writing software with a collection of business proposal samples for every business could prove one the best tool in organized communication such as a proposal writing task. When it helps you close the communication loop by providing you the most needed feedback it is going to be useful.

How does eProposal achieve that for you? You experience business intelligence feature which keeps a tab on the statistics of the viewer, viewing, editing, and forwarding along with business proposal samples for every business. The multiple login feature allows team members to work on the proposal at the same time to produce the best proposal. You can save your time on focusing on the content as the business proposal tool can take care of the alignments, fonts and the logos and styles.

eIntelli’s eProposal proposal writing software with business sample proposal from global web solution providers is simple, intelligent and effective. Many emerging entrepreneurs have increased their lead conversion rates by over 30 per cent and triggered their business growth. Call us to help you grow.

New Business Proposal Tool for your young start-up

Brad McCrory - Monday, November 05, 2012

Your young start-up business should be set upon something solid to go winning to climb. When you are setting up your business everything becomes important. You have to mark the functions of your business. You need to have sound and viable media to carry on business ahead. You need to organize your tools you need to sustain business. You need an effective tool to communicate you business objectives, offerings and products. There is going to be umpteen tasks to be executed that need your personal attention.

The best way to take your business ahead is to organize your tasks. Communicate those tasks to your team and explore opportunities in the market. When you are exploring opportunities in the market you certainly need an effective support tool to get your communication going on a one-on-one basis with your prospective clients. When you are a young start-up, your clarity in communication is much expected in the market. How are you going to convey you are part of their solution when the market least wants to take additional risk by engaging a start-up? But, while this sentiment is widespread, there are a few who like to take a chance. And you know cost-effective solutions and smarter solutions are often welcome at all times and more so during meltdown times. There lay your opportunity to make a mark with effective communication tools.

Where will you look for an organized effective communication tool for support as a start-up to make your business presence known in the market? It is your Business Proposal Tool that can effectively communicate to the market you presence. It is a tool where you can convey, convince and communicate that you are one of the best solution provider now available in the market. As a start-up you may not have boiler plates or previous proposals to use for making proposals. You will have to start from scratch. How about using a suitable new business proposal tool such as, eIntelli’s eProposal proposal writing software for your young start-up business?

eIntelli’s  eProposal business tool has features for making proposal for young start-up business easier. It has helped small business and emerging entrepreneurs increase their conversion rates of their leads. It provides all that a proposal needs in a palette. It is the only innovative business proposal tool which provides business intelligence. Thus it completes the communication loop and provides you the edge you need as a start-up. The feature allows you have a tab on the statistics of the viewer, viewing, editing, and forwarding by your prospective client. What more would you look for with the business proposal templates that eProposal provides for every business? The multiple login feature allows team members to work on the proposal at the same time to produce the best proposal. You can save your time on focusing on the content as the business proposal tool can take care of the alignments, fonts and the logos.

Support your start-up with eIntelli business proposal tool to jumstart your lead conversions and stay ahead.

Looking for the most professional Business Proposal Format?

Daniel Townsend - Monday, November 05, 2012

Globalization, competition, and then the seamless meltdown? Fewer buyers and expanding sellers. When you have proportionately more sellers you can imagine the number of proposals that can land on the buyers desk. Why would someone ever read a proposal unless it is easy to pop up the real things that matter for the business solution required? So, how are going to make it possible to create a proposal that is really going to matter to your potential client. What is the proposal that really matters? The proposal that is going to help the client save time and come down to make a quick decision in favor of the proposal focusing on the solution to his problem.

Organization is a very important term in management science. It says that we may lose all the 5Ms of management but if you still have the organization it is easy to regain the 5Ms. The key to practice healthy business is to be organized. When you are organized in business you have everything in place. Systems are best examples of being organized in any business. One could take organization to any extend and benefit through improved efficiency, delivery, and rewards.

When you are organized in business you create time. While time is money in business by creating time you create money or rather create opportunity to create money. And one can understand the purport of the oft whirled story – “The Mayonnaise Jar and Two Cups of Coffee” in the corporate on managing time. When you are in business every business process needs allotment of time. The time most consumed in business is the decision making process and their best value can be realized if only when we business decision support systems in place.

Where does your proposal stand in the whole picture of business? Your proposal gets right into the decision support systems of the business process. That time allotted is the prime time of a business executive. Therefore, a proposal is the most professional Business Proposal Format is expected. So, when you are on a look out for a support tool to write a business proposal you are obviously looking out for a business proposal writing software with a collection wide array of proposal formats such as eIntelli.

eIntelli’s eProposal business proposal writing software support tool from the premier global web solutions provider has a wide array of professional business proposal format that can meet the needs of small businesses, emerging business entrepreneurs, and corporates of every kind of business. It’s add-on features of providing business intelligence by keeping a tab on the statistics of viewer, viewing, editing and forwarding. The multiple login of the software provides your team members to collaborate to produce the best business proposal. Should you prefer eIntelli for proposal writing needs?

eProposal produces The Best Business Proposal Examples

Brad McCrory - Monday, November 05, 2012

Shed your inhibition to not disclose that you often had an eye tracking on good Business Proposals Examples. That is one way to learn. Having tried to learn shorthand and having left it half-way taken over by the technological revolution, I often remember a brief sentence from the old Pitman shorthand book, “A trip on tram can give you give you an hundred lessons”, “provided you take it” it adds. How relevant it is for all times to come? I believe it, unknowingly.

Today, the world has turned into a “Global Village” as termed by Marshall McLuhan in his books The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man (1962) and Understanding Media (1964). If we apply the analogy of Pitman we can as well say that a single search on the Internet displays millions of pages (read lessons). McLuhan precisely hinted at the expanse of Internet which would bring the world together. Hence everyone is looking out for examples – valuable examples that can add or upgrade their learning's.

Business is one of the fastest changing part of the human world and updation of learnings is much part of everyday world. In the given situation you understand how important your business proposals are for your business. So is updation and learnings on business proposals through business proposal examples.

Business proposal writing software is a widely used tool in business as a support tool for growth. A business proposal allows your business to incubate in your absence. It says it all when you want to secure business. It is an insider’s tool to convince the board to conclude your proposal as the only possible solution, a winning proposal for you. Thus, the elements of a proposal need a lot of hard work, thought work and smart work. Don’t forget the difference between a winning proposal and also ran proposal in the scale of 100 is between 2-5. When that is the case you are definitely looking out of probable business proposal examples from some really cutting edge proposal writing software.

eProposal proposal writing software is one such software which produces business proposals within a fraction of time. It gives you a palette to tweak your proposal without having you to start from scratch. You begin your proposal writing task in an organized document before you have collected and filled up the requisite information. Therefore, you are assured most proposals are tweaked to the best before they are converted into a business proposal to be presented to the client. This also allows you to produce more business proposal examples under writing, easier. When you have multiple business proposal examples to compare you can upscale it between 2-5 and make your way to the winning proposal easy. It also provides business intelligence by helping you keep tab on the statistics of the viewer, viewing, editing and forwarding by your client after submission. Which other tool would you wish to use for your proposal writing for increasing conversion rates, if it could be done by eIntelli.

An Online Tool to Help your Business Project Proposal Writing

Daniel Townsend - Monday, November 05, 2012

The Internet media is piping every brick and mortar organization to jump onto the bandwagon. At this rate estimates say that the technological infrastructure is not likely to match the build up on the Internet. It is the proof of penetration of Internet. It is the media of your choice that speaks for your business. Your invisibility for visibility of your business is made up by the media you choose. Business is on the Internet helps target potential clients. It makes your business features readily available to tap the global audience.

Access and reciprocal access of a media define the voltage of communication. Increased communication builds the bar of volume of business. Internet without doubt provides it, exceptionally. That makes the Internet a media of choice for emerging business and entrepreneurs. Such media builds wider network faster. It is viral. It has given way to a new process of viral marketing. Traditional markets with good networks have witnessed phenomenal growth and have sustained during lean times. That’s where being online makes a mark, that is, ease of access, reciprocal access and expanding networks. What more does business need to sustain?

Business project Proposal Writing is organized effort of business communication. When you are in an entrepreneur or an emerging businessman or into small business, you know the importance of proposal writing. You have written many proposals, flipped boiler plates at times or even tried self-designed templates. You had your satisfied share of proposal conversion and have been growing business. But definitely down the line you have a feeling that you have missed your mark on the big picture. So have you given the audience the miss if you are not going online.

You want to perhaps give your business a jump start or upscale your existing business. Your choice for a proposal writing software is inevitable. Obviously, you are going to look for software’s which could help you go online and give some most essential and exclusive features. Proposal writing software eIntelli is one such software available from a team of experienced worldwide web solution providers.

Your reciprocal communication, what is meant is feedback for the submitted proposal are hard to come as your potential client is looking for a solution and not just listing as prospect. The client is listing your proposal among various probable solutions. Where do you look for the lead into the hot buttons? eIntelli provides you the tab on the statistics of viewer and module viewed and edited and forwarded completing the communication loop.

Emerging entrepreneurs have made a mark on the big picture using eIntelli. So can you get there.

Signs that business proposal writing is taking up too much of your time

Daniel Townsend - Monday, November 05, 2012

Build every time from the scratch for a business proposal? How are you going to upscale your business? Have you, I heard “The Mayonnaise Jar and Two Cups of Coffee” story? It is one of the best stories whirled around in corporate training camps on saving time. The story is made contextual for management of time in day-to-day life. How relevant it is we all know. Many of us listen to it, remember it and may laugh it off. Some of us who see reason in the story also remember it. But a few who understand the purport of the story try to put in practice and reap the benefits.

Time in business is available at a premium. Hence the adage goes, “Time is money”. To manage time be organized. When you are organized in business you get automatically organized in every process of business. Your resources are organized. Your information is organized. The information flow processes to your employees and clients are organized and reward with team performance. Your communication process gets organized. A Business Proposal is one best way of organized communication when you are in business. When you are in an emerging entrepreneur or in small business you are very well aware of it.

A proposal makes your organization visibility in your invisibility. Therefore, you need to handle your proposal writing with care and spare enough time to slice the gap of a winning business proposal and an also ran business proposal. How can you achieve that? Be organized! When you are organized and are attempting the task of proposal writing things are likely to be easy. You are likely to save time. But when you have Proposal Writing software and are going to use it, your task will get a lot smoother. How’s that? Simple, how many times you have spent a lot more time on alignment of the content than working on the content to give it a fresh thought? Haven’t you given more time to design and redesign the presentation of the proposal? Getting the logo, arranging the tables, graphs, statistics, have all been consuming more than required time.

eIntelli’s eProposal proposal writing software provides all the supportive tools in a palette when you set yourself on the task of business proposal writing. It creates branded proposals in a fraction of time. Once you have put finishing touches to your proposal you are as well ready to publish. It allows you to customize your proposal in many different ways. It creates new themes that incorporate your organization's color scheme, logo and font style, instantly. Multiple member login allows you to provide inputs from all of your team. What is less and what more are you looking for to aid your team to get better organized and save time.

Don’t you want to focus on increasing conversion rates? Higher leads with lower conversion rates do not favor your long-term business interests, especially, if you are in small business or an emerging entrepreneur. Use eIntelli’s eProposal, when signs that Business Proposal Writing is taking up too much of your time is at face.

What are the best types of Business Proposal? Online or Document Based?

Daniel Townsend - Monday, November 05, 2012

Connectivity is a key to canvassing business. Connectivity of the chosen media defines business network. Today, Internet has set the benchmark of expanse of connectivity. The Internet media edges over various other media like the print, radio and TV in building connectivity. The internet is the only two-way traffic media. It is perceived as a boon by marketers. This has pitched every brick and mortar business to jump on the Internet bandwagon. So, which is the best type of business– document or online.

Communication and media work in tandem. Chosen Media defines communication effectiveness. Effective communication delivers the message, efficiently. Efficiently message delivered brings desired results. If it brings desired results you are assured of having delivered the message, successfully. But when the situation isn’t as desired there is communication gap. Seldom does any of one-way media give you any instant feedback. But Internet allow to vent, instantaneously. So, what do you do for a Business Proposals which has to says all.

Business proposals are one of the best ways of organized communication. It has a well-defined structure which is understood by everyone in business. Your executive summary, solution or offering to the problem, expected deliverable and benefits, cost to you and to the client, ROI, compliance requirements, organization profile, team profile, testimonials have their place pre-defined. It saves your time as well as that of the clients. While he is well-informed of the few of the elements and needs to know from the horse’s mouth his focus on the uninformed can be availed enough time. So you know where to work on the proposal more and devote you time more.

Business proposals assure an insider, who might have approached with RFP to take the process of securing your business ahead. Thus when he is quizzed, he has all the required details to provide a logical conclusion for possible selection as a deliverer. Thus it makes your task more than convenient and comfortable for a walkthrough. Thus you are assured of consideration for business. You understand where you benefits if you have a business proposal written.

An online business proposal gives many an advantages over document based business proposal. It is remains live on the computer or the net and is easy to access and convenient to tweak at will. It gives you an opportunity to improve your proposals and therefore on your solutions to your client. A document based once said leave you no scope for any improvement. You can quickly pull in a template to make your Online Proposals which is seldom possible with a document based proposals. An online business proposal scores over a document proposal on composition, communication, and conversion.

eIntelli’s eProposal online business proposal writing software is one such software which allows you to make a proposal within fraction of time. It’s feature of business intelligent helps you to complete the communication loop with your potential client. It keeps a tab on the statistics on the viewer, viewing, editing, and forwarding by your client. What more are you looking for if you haven’t chosen eIntelli.